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A static file server in x86 Assembly Build Status

Features and qualities:

  • Just under 1K lines of x86 NASM source
  • No libc (all batteries included)
  • No allocations
  • Release binary weighs in at 8.4KB (half the size of a C++ hello world)
  • Parallelized request handling via fork
  • Automatic directory index handling
  • Continuous testing suite

Building for release

You can make a tiny build using the following command. The generated binary is build/httpd. The server will serve from its working directory on port 15000 when started.


Building for development

This project compiles instantly, so just using make run will build and run the latest code.

Why build this?

I wanted to know what it was like to build a super bare-bones web server in x86 Assembly. Now I know.

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