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Aptana Formatter Profiles

The aim of this repo is to build a collection of popular code style profiles. So feel free to add one you see missing.

Available profiles


  1. open Aptana IDE
  2. open the Preferences window
  3. drill down: Atpanta -> formatter
  4. click Import and select the provided XML file
  5. done!


When Functions do not have any arguments they get formatted like func( ). There doesn't seem to be an Aptana setting to say if this function doesn't have any arguments then don't add the spacing. The same problem show the function declarations too: function func( ). Anonymous functions with no arguments look well with no space between the parentheses: function().

Function calls with an object literal at the beginning or end

No space should be on either side of the argument:

foo({ a: "alpha", b: "beta" });

It appears that the intention is to avoid spaces between braces and parentheses, maybe brackets too, when they just sit next to each other. There doesn't seem to be a setting for this special case and because the spaces are turned on after the opening and before the closing parenthesis/brace/bracket, they will occur between them too.