Vim plugin for handling tmux panes.
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This is a shiny Vim plugin for handling tmux panes from within Vim!


  • create/kill associated panes
  • associate tmuxify to already existing panes
  • send visually highlighted lines to the associated pane
  • send to pane by prompting for input
  • send to pane by setting a run command for the current filetype
  • once set, run commands are remembered, but can easily be reset
  • all the plugin configuration happens in one dictionary that holds filetypes as keys and run commands as values

NOTE: This plugin needs tmux 1.6 with a certain patch level. You're safe with versions 1.7+.

Feedback, please!

If you use any of my plugins, star it on github. This is a great way of getting feedback! Same for issues or feature requests.

Thank you for flying mhi airlines. Get the Vim on!


If you have no preferred installation method, I suggest using tpope's pathogen:

  1. git clone ~/.vim/bundle/vim-pathogen
  2. mkdir -p ~/.vim/autoload && cd ~/.vim/autoload
  3. ln -s ../bundle/vim-pathogen/autoload/pathogen.vim

Afterwards, installing tmuxify is as easy as pie:

  1. git clone ~/.vim/bundle/vim-tmuxify
  2. start Vim
  3. :Helptags
  4. :h tmuxify


Put these variables into your vimrc for great enjoyment. The shown examples are also the default values.

let g:tmuxify_custom_command = 'tmux split-window -d'

Use this option if you want to overwrite that default command for creating a new pane.

(Examples are given in :h tmuxify-options)

let g:tmuxify_map_prefix = '<leader>m'

What to start mappings with. Set it to '' to disable mappings.

let g:tmuxify_run = {}

Set run commands for specific filetypes. '%' will be replaced by the full path to the current buffer.


let g:tmuxify_run = {
    \ 'sh': 'bash %',
    \ 'go': 'go build %',



Executes TxCreate. Creates a new pane and associates with it.


Executes TxKill. Closes the associated pane.


Executes TxSend. Prompts for input and sends it to the associated pane. This mapping also works on visual selections.


Executes TxSendKey. Prompts for input and sends it to the associated pane as keys.


Executes TxRun. Prompts for input if there is no entry in g:tmuxify_run for the current filetype. '%' will be replaced by the full path to the current buffer.


Executes TxSetRunCmd. Change the run command for the current filetype.


Executes TxSetPane. Associate an already existing pane with tmuxify. Note: You can use tab completion here.


Executes TxClear. Sends ctrl+l to the associated pane.


Executes TxSigInt. Sends ctrl+c to the associated pane.


:h tmuxify


Marco Hinz <>

James Baumgarten (current maintainer)


Copyright © Marco Hinz. Distributed under the same terms as Vim itself. See :help license.