Data Factory library for PHP - good for unit tests
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This is a simple data factory class - for generating rows in a database or 
associative arrays of data, normally used in testing. To use it include 
factory_lib.php and then define your tables. The database connection is 
the basic mysql_* functions.

include dirname(__FILE__) . "/factory_lib.php" ;

Factory::$factory_data['my_table_name'] = array('forename' => 'Jeremy', 
												'surname' => Wilkins, 'age' => 32) ;

This will define the default data - you can create a row in the database
with this data by doing

Factory::create('my_table_name') ;

and just get an array of data using

Factory::hash('my_table_name') ;

Either of these take a second parameter of overriding data, and fields
not set will use the defaults, eg

Factory::create('my_table_name', array('age' => 21)) ;

You can also include the magic value {{counter}} in strings for creating
multiple rows, each with unique data - eg.

Factory::$factory_data['testing'] => array('name' => 'Test User {{counter}}')
for($i = 0; $i < 5; $i++)
	Factory::create('testing') ;

Will create 5 rows, with names Test User 1 to Test User 5.

You can also use UNIX_TIMESTAMP() and NOW() as magic string values - these 
will get passed through to mysql automatically rather than being escaped and
inserted as text.

Factory::truncate('my_table_name') will trunctate the named table (good for 
the setUp() function in unit tests).