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1. Resources
Tracks is using
* github to host the git repository.
* Assembla to manage bugs and enhancement request.
* the mailing list to discuss features and development
* the forum to discuss with users
See README for links to the respective sites
Also see the Development pages on the wiki for details on installing, upgrading, etc.
2. Dependencies
The dependencies are maintained by Tracks. For development we try not to vendor them
Install them using
rake gems:install RAILS_ENV=development
rake gems:install RAILS_ENV=test
rake gems:install RAILS_ENV=selenium
3. Wiki
There are some pointers for setting up your Tracks copy for testing at
By default, tests are configured to run using sqlite3 in memory mode to increase speed. You will need the sqlite3-ruby gem for this.
To avoid showing the migrations as tests are run, add the following to your database.yml below 'database: ":memory:"':
verbosity: quiet
If you want to run tests using another database, that's fine, too. Just change your database.yml accordingly.
5. SELENIUM TESTS (Selenium on Rails)
This testing style is deprecated and tests are being moved over to Selenium via Cucumber.
See the wiki for more information to run the tests that are not yet migrated:
6. RSPEC tests
To run the RSpec tests run
rake spec
7. Cucumber tests
To run the cucumber test run
rake cucumber
and for those using javascript/ajax use
rake cucumber:selenium
See the wiki for more information on testing:
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