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Working on project:

  1. always create your own branch and work on it
  2. create a PR and merge to master only when it's ready
  3. Travis will triggered when PR is merged, auto deploy to ng-my production

To start the project:

  1. Install nodejs v10 and above
  2. run "npm"
  3. run "npm start"

To deploy the project manually:

  1. run "npm install -g firebase-tools"
  2. run "firebase login" then login with your google account
  3. run "npm run deploy"

How to create a new post

  1. Create a PR
  2. Add your new post introduction in /projects/site2019/src/assets/data/posts.json follow the existing format - the details here will be used for both the web content & SEO
  3. Create a text file in /projects/site2019/src/assets/posts follow the other existing post. The file name must be same as the post id you create in previous step. File content is in markdown format. You can use to write your articles in markdown and previous it.
  4. If you have any images that you want to upload, can add to this folder: /projects/site2019/src/assets/imgs/posts. The file name is not restricted, you can put any. In your article you can refer to the image with url like this /assets/imgs/posts/{your-image-name}.jpg. Always reduce your image size with before upload.
  5. All ready? Send to me!😁