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;;; This file is part of Cedilla.
;;; Copyright (C) 2002-2009 by Juliusz Chroboczek.
;;; This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
;;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;;; the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
;;; (at your option) any later version.
;;; This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;;; GNU General Public License for more details.
(in-package "CEDILLA")
(defvar *known-glyphs*)
(defvar *currently-computed-glyphs* '())
(defvar *currently-computed-simple-glyphs* '())
(defun recall-glyph (ccs)
"Recall a previously computed glyph for CCS."
(let ((val (gethash ccs *known-glyphs*)))
(if (eql val :unknown) nil val)))
(defun remember-glyph (ccs glyph)
"Remember GLYPH as being associated to CCS. Returns GLYPH."
(when ccs
(setf (gethash ccs *known-glyphs*) (or glyph :unknown)))
(defun compute-stream-glyphs (in font-list)
"Compute and setup all glyphs needed to typeset the character stream IN."
(let ((ccs (next-ccs in)))
(when (eql ccs in) (return nil))
(compute-glyph ccs font-list))))
(defun compute-glyph (ccs font-list &optional (fallback #\?))
"Compute and setup the glyph needed to typeset CCS."
((and (characterp ccs) (<= (char-code ccs) 31)) nil)
(let ((glyph (or (recall-glyph ccs)
(find-glyph ccs font-list))))
(etypecase glyph
(null (when-verbose (warn "Giving up on ~S" ccs)))
(glyph (ensure-instance glyph))
(list (mapc #'ensure-instance glyph)))
(or glyph
(if fallback
(compute-glyph fallback font-list nil)))))))
(eval-when (load compile eval)
(defmacro with-circularity-detection ((ccs &optional font) &body body)
(let ((tested (gensym "TESTED")))
`(let ((,tested (list ,font ,ccs)))
(unless (member ,tested *currently-computed-glyphs* :test 'equal)
(let ((*currently-computed-glyphs*
(cons ,tested *currently-computed-glyphs*)))
(defmacro with-simple-circularity-detection ((ccs &optional font) &body body)
(let ((tested (gensym "TESTED")))
`(let ((,tested (list ,font ,ccs)))
(unless (member ,tested *currently-computed-simple-glyphs* :test 'equal)
(let ((*currently-computed-simple-glyphs*
(cons ,tested *currently-computed-simple-glyphs*)))
(defun find-glyph (ccs font-list)
"Memoised version of FIND-GLYPH*."
(or (recall-glyph ccs)
(remember-glyph ccs (find-glyph* ccs font-list))))
(defun find-glyph* (ccs font-list)
"Compute the glyph needed to typeset CCS."
(with-circularity-detection (ccs)
((vectorp ccs)
(let ((l (map 'list
#'(lambda (ccs)
(let ((glyph (find-glyph ccs font-list)))
(unless glyph
(return-from find-glyph* nil))
(if (listp glyph) glyph (list glyph))))
(apply #'append l)))
(dolist (font font-list)
(let ((g (find-glyph-with-font ccs font font-list)))
(when g (return-from find-glyph* g))))
(when (and (consp ccs) (or (symbolp (car ccs))
(eql 0 (ccs-combining-class (car ccs)))))
(find-magic-glyph (car ccs) (cdr ccs) font-list))
(some #'(lambda (fallback) (find-glyph fallback font-list))
(ccs-fallbacks ccs))
;; This is needed in order to find the fallback of an alternative
(some #'(lambda (alt) (find-glyph alt font-list))
(ccs-alternatives ccs))
(when (consp ccs)
(some #'(lambda (fallback)
(find-glyph (cons (car ccs) fallback) font-list))
(ccs-fallbacks (cdr ccs)))
(some #'(lambda (alt)
(find-glyph (cons (car ccs) alt) font-list))
(ccs-alternatives (cdr ccs))))))))))
(defun find-simple-glyph (ccs font-list)
"Compute a simple (not composite) glyph that can be used to typeset CCS."
(with-simple-circularity-detection (ccs)
(dolist (font font-list)
(let ((g (find-simple-glyph-with-font ccs font font-list)))
(when g (return-from find-simple-glyph g))))
(when (and (consp ccs) (or (symbolp (car ccs))
(eql 0 (ccs-combining-class (car ccs)))))
(find-magic-glyph (car ccs) (cdr ccs) font-list nil t))
(some #'(lambda (fallback) (find-simple-glyph fallback font-list))
(ccs-fallbacks ccs)))))
(defun find-simple-glyph-with-font (ccs font font-list)
"Find a simple glyph for CCS in FONT."
(with-simple-circularity-detection (ccs font)
((and (consp ccs) (or (symbolp (car ccs))
(eql 0 (ccs-combining-class (car ccs)))))
(find-magic-glyph (car ccs) (cdr ccs) font-list font t))
(or (find-font-glyph ccs font)
#'(lambda (alt) (find-simple-glyph-with-font alt font font-list))
(ccs-alternatives ccs))
;; This is needed in order to properly find precomposed glyphs
;; in the presence of the varia/grave and psili/acute nonsense.
(and (consp ccs)
(some #'(lambda (alt)
(cons (car ccs) alt) font font-list))
(ccs-alternatives (cdr ccs)))))))))
(defun find-glyph-with-font (ccs font font-list)
"Find a glyph suitable for typesetting CCS that uses FONT for its base part"
(with-circularity-detection (ccs font)
((vectorp ccs)
(map 'list
#'(lambda (ccs)
(or (find-glyph-with-font ccs font font-list)
(return-from find-glyph-with-font nil)))
(find-simple-glyph-with-font ccs font font-list)
(when (consp ccs)
;; Special-case double combining characters that sometimes
;; come precomposed -- e.g. dialytika-tonos. Yuck.
(when (and (characterp (car ccs)) (consp (cdr ccs))
(characterp (cadr ccs)) (not (null (cddr ccs))))
(find-composite-glyph (cons (car ccs) (cadr ccs))
(cddr ccs)
font-list font))
(find-composite-glyph (car ccs) (cdr ccs) font-list font)))
#'(lambda (alt) (find-glyph-with-font alt font font-list))
(ccs-alternatives ccs))))))))
(defun find-magic-glyph (magic ccs font-list &optional font simple)
"Compute a magic glyph."
(when (eq magic ':simplify)
(setq simple nil))
(flet ((f-g (ccs)
((and font simple)
(find-simple-glyph-with-font ccs font font-list))
((and font (not simple))
(find-glyph-with-font ccs font font-list))
((and (not font) simple)
(find-simple-glyph ccs font-list))
(find-glyph ccs font-list)))))
((and (eql magic ':dotless)
(or (not (dotted-character-p ccs))
(consp ccs)))
(f-g ccs))
(and (eql magic ':dotless)
(find-font-glyph ccs font t))
(let ((glyph (ensure-glyph (f-g ccs))))
(and glyph (make-magic-glyph magic ccs glyph))))))))
(defun find-composite-glyph (c-ccs b-ccs font-list &optional font)
"Compose C-CCS over B-CCS."
((or (symbolp c-ccs) (eql 0 (ccs-combining-class c-ccs)))
(find-magic-glyph c-ccs b-ccs font-list font))
(let* ((b-dotless
(if (member (ccs-combining-class c-ccs)
'(212 214 216 228 230 232))
(cons ':dotless b-ccs)
(if font
(find-glyph-with-font b-dotless font font-list)
(find-glyph b-dotless font-list)))))
(and b-glyph
(let* ((preferred-font
(or font
(and (font-glyph-p b-glyph) (glyph-font b-glyph))))
(and preferred-font
c-ccs preferred-font font-list))
(find-simple-glyph c-ccs font-list)
c-ccs font-list font)))))
(and c-glyph
(compute-composite-glyph c-ccs c-glyph b-ccs b-glyph))))))))
(defun find-special-case-combining-glyph (ccs font-list &optional font)
(labels ((g (ccs)
(and font (find-simple-glyph-with-font ccs font font-list))
(find-simple-glyph ccs font-list)))
(mcg (g1 g2 dx dy)
(make-composite-component :glyph g1 :dx 0 :dy 0)
(make-composite-component :glyph g2 :dx dx :dy dy))))
(side-by-side (g1 g2)
(let ((dx 0)
(x1-1 (glyph-x1 g1)) (x0-2 (glyph-x0 g2))
(y1 (/ (+ (glyph-y0 g1) (glyph-y1 g1)) 2.0))
(y2 (/ (+ (glyph-y0 g2) (glyph-y1 g2)) 2.0)))
(mcg g1 g2 (+ dx (- x1-1 x0-2)) (- y1 y2))))
(stack (g1 g2)
(let ((xc-1 (/ (+ (glyph-x0 g1) (glyph-x1 g1)) 2.0))
(xc-2 (/ (+ (glyph-x0 g2) (glyph-x1 g2)) 2.0))
(y1-1 (glyph-y1 g1)) (y0-2 (glyph-y0 g2)))
(mcg g2 g1 (- xc-2 xc-1) (- y0-2 y1-1)))))
(when (and (consp ccs))
(let* ((ccs1 (car ccs)) (ccs2 (cdr ccs))
(c1 (and (characterp ccs1) (char-code ccs1)))
(c2 (and (characterp ccs1) (char-code ccs2))))
;; Greek
(member c1 '(#x300 #x301 #x302 #x303))
(member c2 '(#x313 #x314 #x342))
(let* ((g1 (g ccs1)) (g2 (and g1 (g ccs2))))
(and g2 (side-by-side g2 g1)))))
(member c1 '(#x300 #x301 #x302 #x342))
(equal c2 #x308)
(let* ((g1 (g ccs1)) (g2 (and g1 (g ccs2))))
(and g2 (stack g2 g1)))))
;; Vietnamese
((and (member c1 '(#x300 #x301)) (eql c2 #x302))
(let* ((g1 (g ccs1)) (g2 (and g1 (g ccs2))))
(when g2
(let* ((x0-1 (glyph-x0 g1)) (y0-1 (glyph-y0 g1))
(x1-1 (glyph-x1 g1))
(x0-2 (glyph-x0 g2)) (x1-2 (glyph-x1 g2))
(ym-2 (+ (glyph-y0 g2)
(* 0.5 (- (glyph-y1 g2) (glyph-y0 g2))))))
(mcg g2 g1
(if (eql c1 #x300) ; grave
(+ (- x0-2 x1-1) (* (- x1-2 x0-2) 0.15))
(+ (- x0-2 x0-1) (* (- x1-2 x0-2) 0.85)))
(- ym-2 y0-1))))))
(member c1 '(#x300 #x301 #x303 #x309 #x313))
(member c2 '(#x302 #x306)))
(let* ((g1 (g ccs1)) (g2 (and g1 (g ccs2))))
(and g2 (stack g2 g1))))
(t nil))))))
(defun compute-composite-glyph (cc gc ccs gb)
"Position a composite component over a base glyph.
The base glyph is GB (associated to CCS); the component is GC (CC)."
(flet ((av (x y) (* 0.5 (+ x y))))
(let* ((class (ccs-combining-class cc))
(gbb (glyph-base gb)) ; hereditary base glyph
(eb (or (= (glyph-x0 gb) (glyph-x1 gb)) ; empty base
(= (glyph-y0 gb) (glyph-y1 gb))))
(x0-bb (+ (glyph-base-dx gb) (glyph-x0 gbb)))
(y0-bb (+ (glyph-base-dy gb) (glyph-y0 gbb)))
(x1-bb (+ (glyph-base-dx gb) (glyph-x1 gbb)))
(y1-bb (+ (glyph-base-dy gb) (glyph-y1 gbb)))
(h (not (member class '(202 214 220 230 233 234 240 1))))
(v (not (member class '(200 202 204))))
(x0-b (if eb 0 (if h (glyph-x0 gb) x0-bb)))
(y0-b (if eb 0 (if v (glyph-y0 gb) y0-bb)))
(x1-b (if eb 600 (if h (glyph-x1 gb) x1-bb)))
(y1-b (if eb 430 (if v (glyph-y1 gb) y1-bb)))
(x12-b (av x0-b x1-b))
(y12-b (av y0-b y1-b))
(x0-c (glyph-x0 gc)) (x1-c (glyph-x1 gc))
(y0-c (glyph-y0 gc)) (y1-c (glyph-y1 gc))
(x12-c (av x0-c x1-c))
(y12-c (av y0-c y1-c))
dx dy)
(case class
((202 214 220 230 233 234 240 1)
((eql cc (code-char #x328)) ; ogonek
(case (ccs-base ccs)
((#\a #\A #\u) (setf dx (+ (- x12-b x12-c) 80)))
((#\e #\E) (setf dx (+ (- x12-b x12-c) 20)))
(t (setf dx (- x12-b x12-c)))))
((and (eql class 230) (eql (ccs-base ccs) #\j))
(setf dx (+ (- x12-b x12-c) 80)))
((and (consp cc)
(eql (car cc) (code-char #x300))
(eql (cdr cc) (code-char #x302))) ; circumflex-grave
(setf dx (+ (- x12-b x12-c) -65)))
((and (consp cc)
(eql (car cc) (code-char #x301))
(eql (cdr cc) (code-char #x302))) ; circumflex-acute
(setf dx (+ (- x12-b x12-c) +65)))
(t (setf dx (- x12-b x12-c)))))
((222 226 232)
(setf dx (+ (- x1-b x0-c) 20)))
(setf dx (+ (- x1-b x0-c) -80)))
(t (warn "Unhandled combining class ~A (dx)" class) (setf dx 0)))
(case class
((200 202 204) (setf dy (+ (- y0-b y1-c) 10)))
((214) (setf dy (+ (- y1-b y0-c) -10)))
((212 216) (setf dy (+ (- y1-b y1-c) 30)))
((1 208 210 224 226) (setf dy (- y12-b y12-c)))
((218 220 222 233 240) (setf dy (+ (- y0-b y1-c) -70)))
((228 230 232 234) (setf dy (+ (- y1-b y0-c) 70)))
(t (warn "Unhandled combining class ~A (dy)" class) (setf dy 0)))
(list (make-composite-component :glyph gb :dx 0 :dy 0)
(make-composite-component :glyph gc :dx dx :dy dy))))))
(defmethod ensure-glyph (list)
"Given a glyph or list of glyphs, return an equivalent glyph."
((glyph-p list) list)
((null (cdr list)) (car list))
(let ((components nil) (width 0))
(dolist (g list)
(push (make-composite-component :glyph g :dx width :dy 0) components)
(incf width (glyph-width g)))
(make-composite-glyph :width width
:base :self
:components (nreverse components))))))
(defmethod ensure-instance ((glyph font-glyph))
(unless (glyph-instance glyph)
(ensure-instance-with-font glyph (glyph-font glyph))))
(defmethod ensure-instance ((glyph composite-glyph))
(dolist (c (composite-glyph-components glyph))
(ensure-instance (component-glyph c))))
(defmethod put-glyph :before ((font font) (glyph font-glyph) &optional index)
(declare (ignore index))
(setf (glyph-font glyph) font))
(defun header-string (string)
(with-output-to-string (s)
(do ((i 0))
((= i (length string)))
((eql (aref string i) #\%)
(ecase (aref string (+ i 1))
((#\%) (princ #\%))
((#\,) (princ #\,))
((#\p) (format s "~A" *page-number*))
((#\P) (format s "~R" *page-number*))
((#\r) (format s "~(~@R~)" *page-number*))
((#\R) (format s "~@R" *page-number*)))
(incf i 2))
(t (princ (aref string i) s)
(incf i))))))
(defun compute-header-glyphs (string font-list)
(flet ((compute-digit-glyphs ()
(dolist (c '(#\0 #\1 #\2 #\3 #\4 #\5 #\6 #\7 #\8 #\9))
(compute-glyph c font-list)))
(compute-lower-roman-glyphs ()
(dolist (c '(#\i #\v #\x #\c #\m))
(compute-glyph c font-list)))
(compute-upper-roman-glyphs ()
(dolist (c '(#\I #\V #\X #\C #\M))
(compute-glyph c font-list)))
(compute-lower-glyphs ()
(loop for i from (char-code #\a) upto (char-code #\z)
do (compute-glyph (code-char i) font-list))))
(do ((i 0))
((= i (length string)))
((eql (aref string i) #\%)
(ecase (aref string (+ i 1))
((#\%) (compute-glyph #\% font-list))
((#\,) (compute-glyph #\, font-list))
((#\p) (compute-digit-glyphs))
((#\P) (compute-lower-glyphs) (compute-glyph #\- font-list))
((#\r) (compute-lower-roman-glyphs))
((#\R) (compute-upper-roman-glyphs)))
(incf i 2))
(t (compute-glyph (normalise-ccs (aref string i)) font-list)
(incf i))))))
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