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18 October 2009: dht-0.10
* Send nodes even when sending values. This is a violation of the
protocol, but I have been assured that it doesn't break any deployed
implementation. This is also what both libtorrent and uTorrent do.
* Give up immediately on a search peer when no token was provided. This
is a very reasonable extension to the protocol, and certainly doesn't
break anything.
* Parse heterogeneous values lists correctly. This is mandated by BEP 32.
20 September 2009: dht-0.9
* Fixed incorrect computation of number of nodes.
* Made the initial bucket split eagerly (speeds up bootstrapping).
* Fixed initial filling of search buckets (speeds up searches).
28 July 2009: dht-0.8
* Fixed a crash when expiring the first search on the list.
* Fixed freeing of the search list when uniniting with dofree = 1.
24 June 2009: dht-0.7
* Removed the fixed limit on the number of concurrent searches, we now
use a linked list.
* Fixed build on FreeBSD (thanks to Humihara and Charles Kerr).
22 May 2009: dht-0.6
* Fixed a buffer overflow (when reading) in parse_message.
* Fixed slightly inacurrate metric computation when searching.
* Removed a slightly inaccurate shortcut when responding to find_nodes.
* Relaxed the rate-limiting parameters to 4 requests per second.
19 May 2009: dht-0.5
* Made reading of /dev/urandom a function provided by the user.
* Implemented the ``v'' extension that identifies node implementations.
18 May 2009: dht-0.4
* Fixed the handling of tokens in announce_peer messages.
* Implemented backtracking during search when nodes turn out to be dead.
17 May 2009: dht-0.3
* Fixed a number of incorrectly formatted messages.
* Changed reply to find_peers to spread the load more uniformly.
* Fixed a bug that could cause premature splitting.
* Implemented rate limiting.
* Changed some time constants to be less chatty.
* When determining if a bucket is fresh enough, we now only take replies
into account.
* dht_get_nodes now returns nodes starting with our own bucket.
* Tweaked the memory allocation strategy for stored peers.
17 May 2009: dht-0.2
* Fixed a crash in dht_uninit.
* Added support for saving the list of known-good nodes.
* Changed the interface of dht_nodes to provide the number of nodes that
recently sent incoming requests.
13 May 2009: dht-0.1
* Initial public release.
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