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Polipo 1.1.2 (unreleased):
* Implemented support for SOCKS5 authenticatin (thanks to Amir Hossein
and Heinrich Hartmann).
* Implement support for the OPTIONS method (thanks to Jan Kraetzschmar).
* Implemented support for binding the server side to a specific address
(thanks to Sashka Nochkin).
* Add configuration variable dnsNameServerPort (thanks to Julio
* Fix a bug that could prevent the on-disk cache from being written out.
Thanks to David Bonnes.
* Allow POST with no Content-Length. Thanks to Jamie Jones.
* Windows build fixes.
* Added support for musl, removed support for Linux libc5.
* Dropped support for very old OpenBSD versions.
* Fixed the syntax of the generated Warning headers.
14 May 2014: Polipo 1.1.1:
* Fix a typo that would cause a crash when connecting to a SOCKS
server identified by a DNS CNAME. Thanks to soflare.
* Fix a typo that could cause an infinite loop when tunnelling.
Thanks to xnoreq for the extensive debugging session.
* Fix incorrect error handling that would cause a crash when sending
PUT or POST to the local server.
* Various improvements to the Windows port. Thanks to xnoreq.
14 April 2014: Polipo 1.1.0:
* Proper va_list handling for AMD64 and other RISC-like architectures
(Juliusz Chroboczek and Aleksandar Kuktin).
* Implemented work-around for broken Content-Range headers.
* Use 1024 instead of 32 as the length of the listen queue.
* Implemented the ability to control the permissions set on the log file.
* Implemented the ability to scrub private information from logs.
* Fixed a bug that could cause incorrect logging to syslog (thanks
to Sami Farin).
* Tweaked the portable version of mktime_gmt. This will hopefully
fix the time issues on Windows. Thanks to MaxWell and Greg.
* Changed chunk allocator to use larger arenas on 64-bit arches.
* Fixed a bug that could prevent saving objects on disk. Thanks to
Ming Fu.
* Fixed a bug that could prevent parsing large headers. Thanks to
Ming Fu.
* Fixed an issue that could cause crash messages to go into the disk
* Fixed a bug that could cause the default chunk memory to be incorrect
on FreeBSD machines. Thanks to Frank Behrens.
* Fixed a number of bugs in the validation of Range requests. Thanks to
Ken Brazier.
* Inhibited range requests for non-200 instances, as this breaks some
client software. Thanks to Ken Brazier.
* Fix a integer overflow in processing client requests.
* Implement authentication on tunnelled connections. Thanks to
Stephen Dolan.
* Implement ability to include Cache-Control: no-transform in all
requests. Thanks to Nick Osborn.
* Fix a bug in the DNS code that would cause us to ignore CNAMES
after a DNS timeout.
* Fixed a crash that occurs when a server sends a malformed
Cache-Control: header (CVE-2009-3305). Thanks to Stefan Fritsch.
* Removed support for read-only caches. Nobody ever used it.
* Changed the default value of diskCacheWriteoutOnClose to 64kB.
* Cleaned up naming of Windows support functions. Thanks to Honglei Jiang.
* Added support for forbidden tunnels (thanks to Richard Zidlicky).
* Fixed a bug that prevented parsing of extremely long literal IPv6
addresses (thanks to Jan Braun).
* Added support for DOS-style absolute pathnames. Thanks to Gisle Vanem.
* Fixed a bug that could cause infinite revalidation loops. Thanks to
David Rothlisberger.
* Fixed a bug that could provide incorrect caching information to clients.
Thanks to William Manley.
* Support MSVC 2010. Thanks to Greg Hazel.
* Work-around buggy clients that send HTTP:// in uppercase. Thanks
to David Rothlisberger.
* Save Cache-Control values to the disk cache. Thanks to Ruben Alleres.
* Allow ~ in logFile. Thanks to P.J. Hades.
* Fixed a bug that could cause infinite revalidation loops with servers
that perform sloppy packetisation (IIS, I'm looking at you).
* Fail expectations on the local interface. This might or might not be
what CVE-2011-3596 is about, difficult to say since nobody is speaking
to me.
31 January 2010: Polipo
Cherry-picked fixes from 1.0.5. Thanks to Julien Cristau.
* Fixed an integer overflow that may lead to a crash
( Discovered by Jeremy Brown.
* Fixed a crash that occurs when a server sends a malformed
Cache-Control: header (CVE-2009-3305). Patch from Stefan Fritsch.
* Prevent an infinite loop when a bodyless 204 or 1xx response is encountered
* Don't crash when we get an error while waiting for 100 continue status.
8 January 2008: Polipo 1.0.4:
* Fixed the handling of tunnels with a parent proxy (thanks to
Richard Šputa).
* Fixed a bug that could cause connections to be shut down when
a server used the old (RFC 2068) semantics of ``100 Continue''
(thanks to Thomas Wiesel).
* Fixed a crash when a request URL was larger than 10 kB (thanks to
Fabian Keil).
* Fixed a possible failure to read client requests larger than one
6 October 2007: Polipo 1.0.3
* Changed the default for chunkMemory: it is now 24 MB or
one-quarter of physical memory, whichever is smaller.
* Support for logging to syslog (thanks to Nix).
* Made atom reference counts 32-bit longs; this should fix
problems that people were seeing when running Polipo with
humongous in-memory caches.
* Added Git, Jabber and CVS to default tunnelAllowedPorts.
* Fixed a bug that could cause URL matching to fail when using
anchored regular expressions (thanks to phuel).
26 August 2007: Polipo 1.0.2:
* Fixed a crash that could happen with entities more than 2GB in
size. Such entities are still not supported, but Polipo
should no longer crash.
* Minor HTTP compliance fixes, due to testing with Co-Advisor.
* Fixed a crash that would happen when a POST request was aborted
by the server. Reported by Tero Pelander.
* Worked around a DNS-related bug that I'm unable to track down,
waiting for a proper fix.
25 June 2007: Polipo 1.0.1:
* Made Polipo slightly more aggressive when speaking to
HTTP/1.0 servers (thanks to Fabian Keil for noticing that).
* Fixed a crash that would happen when a client used
Cache-Control: only-if-cached, and the object was not in cache.
(Reported by F. Zappa, A. Patala and V. Ghosal.)
* Fixed a descriptor leak when running under Windows.
* Made Polipo optionally drop connections after servicing
a number of connections (maxConnectionAge and maxConnectionRequests).
6 March 2007: Polipo 1.0.0
* No changes since
7 February 2007: Polipo
* Fixed a buffer overflow in urlDirname (the 0.9 branch is not
vulnerable) (reported by J. P. Larocque).
* Implemented use of IPv6 temporary source addresses (Frank Behrens).
* Disabled use of unaligned range requests by default. This is
controlled by the variable allowUnalignedRangeRequests (reported
by Chris Moore).
* Fixed descriptor leaks in SOCKS error handling (reported by
Roger Dingledine).
* Implemented maxSideBuffering.
6 February 2007: Polipo 0.9.12
* Fixed incorrect caching of redirects (reported by Lawrence Lu).
* Fixed a possible hang when falling back to gethostbyname
(reported by Chris Moore).
28 December 2006: Polipo
* Validation improvements and bug fixes.
* Don't use cached data when receiving the output from an HTTP/1.0 CGI.
* Allowed tunnelling of IMAP and POP traffic by default.
* Changed the disk cache expiry and indexing functions to use chunks.
* Made the disk cache unreadable by others by default.
* Fixed a bug that could cause stale data to be served after
a connection failure (reported by Hondza).
* Fixed computation of age and rtt for pipelined requests.
* Fixed incorrect cachability of redirects (reported by J.-P. Larocque).
* Fixed a bug that would cause uncachable objects to become
cachable after being reloaded from the on-disk cache (reported
by J.-P. Larocque).
* Implemented dontTrustVaryETag.
7 December 2006: Polipo 0.9.11
* Fixed a crash that could happen when a network interface went down
while a DNS query was in progress (reported by Francesco Zappa).
20 November 2006: Polipo
* Implemented large buffers for headers larger than a chunk's worth.
* Made the HTTP parser lax by default (ignores unknown headers).
* Implemented the infrastructure for local POST requests and
implemented a real configuration interface (thanks to Theo Honohan).
* Made timeouts user-configurable and enforced an invariant between
* Made logging configurable at runtime (thanks to Frank Behrens).
* Implemented the infrastructure for asynchronous handling of
forbidden URLs.
* Implemented the ability to redirect instead of returning an
error for forbidden URLs.
* Implemented support for Squid-style redirectors.
* Implemented User-configurable uncacheable URLs, analogous to
forbidden URLs (thanks to Joachim Haga).
* Implemented the ability to avoid caching pages with cookies
and redirects.
* Implemented maxPipelineTrain, which can be used to moderate
* Polipo's eagerness to pipeline.
* Unified parentHost and parentPort into parentProxy.
* Ported Polipo to native Windows (thanks to Dan Kennedy).
* Implemented disableVia.
* Implemented SOCKS support.
* Made disableVia and cacheIsShared to be true by default.
* Increased the default value of serverMaxSlots to 8.
* Made the disk cache code quote all characters except for a
small number of ``known safe'' ones. This is an incompatible
change to the on-disk format.
* Changed HTTP parser to pass all Pragma headers to the next
hop; this should make some media players work through Polipo.
* Changed the connection scheduler to avoid pipelining when
there are idle connections to a given server.
* Made Polipo obey parentProxy when tunnelling (proxying https).
* Changed the default value of allowedPorts to be slightly more
* Implemented tweakables for selectively disabling parts of the
configuration interface. Indexing and listing known servers
are now disabled by default.
* Hide variables containing passwords.
* Fixed a bug that could cause incorrect validation when speaking
to an HTTP/1.0 server.
* Fixed a bug that could cause incorrect validation of Vary objects.
* Fixed a crash in the redirector code.
* Made disableVia the default, and changed the default value of idleTime.
* Made polipo delay serving of partial objects until after a
a successful validation. This should fix Mozilla's prefetching.
* On 64-bit platforms, made CHUNK_SIZE default to 8kB.
2 September 2006: Polipo 0.9.10:
* Fixed a crash when a client closes a connection at just the
wrong time.
* Fixed a crash that could happen when a server returned incorrect
headers and closed the connection at just the wrong time.
* Fixed restarting of connections on a server-side read error;
this should avoid the ``connection reset by peer'' problem.
* Corrected work-around for DNS servers that export both AAAA and CNAME.
* Fix incorrect error handling when overflowing the buffer when saving
an entity to disk.
* IPv6 tweaks for OpenBSD (thanks to Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino).
* Fixed incorrect error-handling on failure to parse a date.
* Fixed a deadlock when a tunnel is shut down and the buffer is
* Fixed an incorrect use of va_start (guaranteed crash on AMD64).
* Fixed a possible race condition with a heavily pipelining client.
* Fixed a crash due to incorrect handling of write errors in POST.
23 September 2005: Polipo 0.9.9:
* Fixed a bug that could cause objects to be incorrectly
determined to be dynamic (thanks to Joachim B. Haga).
* Fixed a bug that could cause the local web server to expose
files that are not under the local root (thanks to Wessel
* Fixed an off-by-one bug when parsing NL-terminated headers.
* Made Polipo forget about failures when finishing on the client side.
* Polipo now sends Host headers even when speaking to an upstream
proxy. Some proxies take RFC 2616 literally, and require that
(thanks to Zoltan Ivanfi).
* Fixed some bugs in staleness computation, and implemented
server-side max-age directives (oops!) (thanks to Charley Chu).
24 January 2005: Polipo 0.9.8:
* Backported the lax HTTP parser from the head branch.
* Fixed a race condition that could cause a crash if a single
object was being superseded twice at the same time.
* Fixed an incorrect test that caused Polipo to pipeline to all
HTTP/1.1 servers, even when they were determined as broken (thanks
to Daniel Koukola).
* Implemented maxPipelineTrain.
* Tweaked for uclibc (thanks to Detlef Riekenberg).
27 December 2004: Polipo 0.9.7:
* Fixed a possible crash when tunnelling.
* Fixed spurious updates of object sizes when connection is dropped
by the client.
* Fixed parsing of URLs with explicit port number (thanks to
Frank Behrens).
* Fixed a possible crash when exiting POST in error.
* Fixed a protocol violation when an empty object is not superseded.
31 October 2004: Polipo 0.9.6:
* Fixed a possible crash in ServeObject.
* Fixed two possible crashes when relaxTransparency is not false.
* Modified the config file parser to make it possible to have
backslashes in atoms.
* Fixed a violated invariant (leading to a crash) when superseding
* Fixed a possible crash in ClientFinish when a pipelined request
carries no object.
* Fixed a bug in handling of client-side Expect: 100-continue
(reported by Charley Chu).
* Fixed a scheduling bug that caused server-side requests to be
issued in the order opposite to a client-side pipeline (many
thanks to Joachim Haga).
* Abort when the config file couldn't be parsed (thanks to
Joachim Haga).
* Fixed error handling in POST and PUT requests, which could
cause a crash on an I/O error.
17 June 2004: Polipo 0.9.5:
* Implemented upstream proxy authentication (HTTP Basic only).
* Fixed a possible crash when unable to schedule servicing a request.
* Fixed a possible crash when tunnelling (proxying https).
* Fixed signedness issues to make allowedClients work on PPC
(from Gergely Nagy).
10 May 2004: Polipo 0.9.4:
* Fixed a bug (introduced in 0.9.3) that could cause a crash when
the download of an object was interrupted and then immediately restarted.
* Fixed a bug that could cause stale non-200 replies to be served.
* Fixed compilation on FreeBSD 5.2.1 (from Samuel Tardieu).
* Fixed definition of *_ROOT in diskcache.c
6 April 2004: Polipo 0.9.3:
* Fix incorrect handling of EPIPE when tunnelling; this could cause
crashes if a peer closed a connection when we're writing.
* Fix a race condition that could cause ``error message lost in transit''
errors if a request was cancelled during connect.
* Check for exitFlag in workToDo: faster reaction to signals.
28 March 2004: Polipo 0.9.2:
* Fixed a bug that could cause crashes when writing out small
objects (thanks to Frank Behrens).
* Made buffer allocation in httpParseHeaders dynamic.
* Fixed the declaration of pipelineAdditionalRequests.
* Fixed a bug that could cause empty directories to be missed
when expiring the disk cache.
* Switched the forbidden file to use extended regexps, the
previous usage was non-portable (thanks to Frank Behrens).
9 March 2004: Polipo 0.9.1:
* Fixed a bug that could cause chunked encoding failures when
going from a 1.0 server to a 1.1 client.
* Fixed a bug that prevented comments after some config lines
(thanks to Tom Huckstep).
* Fixed a possible buffer overflow in dnsDecodeReply.
* Fixed portability to systems where rmdir returns EEXIST
instead of ENOTEMPTY.
* Fixed error handling on fork failures in fillSpecialObject.
* Fixed handling of EINTR in wait in specialRequestHandler.
* Fixed a bug that caused objects with no headers to fail.
* Fixed a minor memory leak in the config file parser.
* Minor build fixes for NetBSD.
* Added the 68020 and later to the list of architectures that
support unaligned access.
18 February 2004: Polipo 0.9:
* Reworked the DNS code to parse ids even when a reply's qdcount
is 0. No longer falls back to gethostbyname when DNS server
returns FormErr.
* Made the DNS code parse resolv.conf.
11 Feburary 2004: Polipo
* Minor changes to work around Cygwin mis-design.
* Fixed printing of n-state variables.
* Fixed proxyOffline handling.
* Fixed a bug that would cause errors to be reported with the
wrong content-type.
* Fixed a bug that would cause ``object vanished'' errors when
using HEAD for revalidation.
* Fixed a bug that could cause failed requests due to ``client
reset connection'' errors.
24 January 2004: Polipo
* Cleaned up authentication.
* Made authenticated replies cachable in one of the cases allowed
by RFC 2616.
* Fixed a bug that could, under some circumstances, cause a
password-protected object to be cached and returned to a
non-authorized client.
* Implemented 100-continue, controlled by the variable expectContinue.
* Implemented tristate, 4- and 5-state variables. Split
proxyOffline into proxyOffline and relaxTransparency. This is
an incompatible change to the config file format.
* Cleaned up the handling of allowed port ranges. New
configuration variable allowedPorts (and new type intlist).
* Implemented tunnelling through the CONNECT method (https proxying).
* Will now read a request body on error (avoids a deadlock).
* Reworked the PUT/POST code to read the reply eagerly rather
than waiting for the write to finish (avoids writing the full
body on error and avoids the same deadlock as above).
* Made server addresses sticky: will now remember which of a
servers addresses worked last time, and use that address first.
16 january 2004: Polipo
* Fixed an expiry bug that caused DNS queries to be repeated on
each request.
* Added the variable ``preciseExpiry'' that prevents trusting
the mtime during expiry.
14 January 2004: Polipo
* Implemented IP address-based authentication.
* Implemented HTTP ``basic'' authentication.
* Implemented variable body offsets for the on-disk cache; this
makes the on-disk cache format incompatible with previous versions.
* Made the number of server slots configurable.
* Partially rewrote the disk cache code.
* Fixed a file descriptor leak in the early error handling code.
* Fixed a bug in the base64 encoder; this makes the on-disk cache
format incompatible with previous versions.
* Implemented proper reporting for 100-Continue replies
(100-Continue is not implemented yet).
* Made the number of server slots configurable at runtime.
9 January 2004: Polipo 0.8.4:
* Log file is now line buffered.
* Will reopen the log file on SIGUSR1 and SIGUSR2.
* censoredHeaders now defaults to none, and censorReferer to 0.
* Fixed a memory allocation bug that could cause a crash.
21 December 2003: Polipo 0.8.3:
* Fixed a potential buffer overflow on C89 systems in snnprintf.
* Fixed checking of Via headers.
* Added configurable log file.
* Added code to run as a daemon.
* Made the resolver grok names ending in a ``.''.
* Changed Makefile to fit Debian better.
7 December 2003: Polipo 0.8.2:
* Implemented a version of fts for SVR4 systems.
* Implemented a version of mktime_gmt that doesn't use setenv.
* Fixed code used to determine FQDN.
* More unaligned access fixes.
* Disabled queryIPv6 when there is no IPv6 support in kernel.
* Enabled IPv6 support by default on FreeBSD and NetBSD.
2 December 2003: Polipo 0.8.1:
* Fix a possible crash when doing a POST on a busy server.
* Fix a possible crash when socket(2) fails; implement switching
to a different address when socket(2) fails (e.g. when
accessing a double-stack host from an IPv4-only client).
* Fix a problem with servers stuck in the ``probing'' state.
* Work around a bug in Konqueror that strips question marks from
* Fix incorrect error handling when dealing with connection
* Fix a compile problem in dns.c.
* Remove dependency on SSL, include MD5 code instead.
* Fix signedness of s_maxage.
23 November 2003: Polipo 0.8:
* IPv6 support, on both the client and server side, including
DNS support and RFC 2732.
* Reworked the DNS code.
* Made it possible to compile without any particular resolver
and without the on-disk cache.
* Fixed a problem with the chunking encoder.
* Made the config file parser grok octal and hex values, allowed
colons and tildes in unquoted strings.
* Implemented tilde expansion in some config variables.
* Made Polipo slightly less eager to honour range requests for
dynamic instances. Marked generated objects as dynamic. These
changes should solve some of the problems with PMM.
* Implemented the If-Range header (on both the client and server side).
* Implemented support for range requests smaller than one chunk
(and hence for pmmSize being smaller than CHUNK_SIZE).
* Fixed a bug that caused a deadlock (until a server timeout)
when doing a POST/PUT request with no free connection slots.
* Fixed a problem when diskCacheRoot didn't end in `/'.
* Fixed a refcounting problem that could cause Polipo to crash
on a DNS timeout.
* Fixed an alignment problem that could cause crashes on
architectures that don't like unaligned memory accesses
(thanks to Rob Byrnes).
* Fixed a bug with the disk cache that caused spurious ``disk
entry changed behind our back'' warnings (and in principle
could cause data corruption, although that's very unlikely).
* Made opening connections slightly less aggressive -- Polipo
would sometimes open two connections where only one was needed.
* Modified client-side code to notice client shutdowns earlier
and notify the server side straight away.
7 October 2003: Polipo 0.7
* Made the Request function a method of objects.
* Fixed a bug that could sometimes cause data corruption.
* Fixed a bug that could cause sending of incorrect data to
the client on a range request.
* Fixed POST and PUT requests.
* Fixed a bug that could sometimes cause a POST request to use a
stale connection.
* Included code to do poor man's multiplexing.
* Will now open multiple connections to non-persistent servers.
* Fixed a bug that could lead to idle connections dying without
being noticed.
* Fixed probing for pipelining.
* Actually use the new time function introduced in 0.5.
* Fixed a bug in strcasecmp_n.
* forbiddenFile can now be a directory.
26 September 2003: Polipo 0.6
* Fixed precondition handling.
* Fixed a bug that could lead to lockups when revalidating an object.
27 June 2003: Polipo 0.5
* Made the presence of a reader or writer explicit on the client side.
* Reworked closing client connections.
* Reworked reporting of server-side errors.
* Made buffer allocation lazy; idle clients and servers no longer
use up buffers.
* Reworked UTC time handling to use timegm(3) when available.
12 March 2003: Polipo 0.4
* Implemented expiry of the on-disk cache.
* Implemented reliable aborting of connections; Polipo should no
* longer deadlock when a server falls into a black hole.
* Changed direct reads to be more aggressive by using readv in
three pieces.
* Changed serving of chunked data to be more eager about
serving a chunk's end marker.
* Implemented better reporting of DNS errors.
* Fixed a deadlock with pipelining on the client side.
* Removed most of the remaining copies when reading on the
* server side.
* Fixed a bug that caused some headers to disappear in transit.
* Fixed a possible livelock when reading chunked encoding.
* Fixed an overflow when pipelining on the server side.
* Fixed generation of indexes from the on-disk cache.
* Fixed a DNS crash when falling back on gethostbyname.
1 March 2003: Polipo 0.3
* Implemented retrying of timed-out DNS requests.
* Implemented configuration mechanisms for case-insensitive atoms,
time values and atom lists; censoredHeaders can now be configured.
* No longer censors User-Agent. Blame Beppe and Alain.
* Changed the handling of hop-by-hop HTTP headers to deal with multiple
Connection headers.
* Made client-side errors and successful revalidation no longer
close the connection.
* Fixed a bug that caused the allocation of an extraneous 2MB (!)
at startup. Polipo can run in 100KB once again.
* Fixed a refcounting bug and some incorrect frees that could
lead to crashes when recovering from a server-side error.
* Fixed a bug with POST/PUT that could trigger a failed assertion.
* Made sure that POST/PUT don't get scheduled in multiple pieces.
17 February 2003: Polipo 0.2
* Fixed an incorrect assertion that could cause crashes when the
server is fast.
* Fixed (hopefully) logic for 304 replies.
* Minor tweaks to scheduling that cause some speed increase when the
client is pipelining and the server is fast.
* Minor bug fixes and cleanups.
* Macro-ified do_log and friends.
3 February 2003: Polipo 0.1
* Initial public release.