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I am a tiny tiny project to manage the `keyword` -> `selector` compatibility of Pragma before and after Pharo 6.1
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I am a tiny tiny project to manage the keyword -> selector compatibility of Pragma before and after Pharo 6.1

Quick start

Originaly, Pragma implemented a #keyword method to get the keyword of a Pragma. In Pharo 7 a method #selector was included to do the same thing and #keyword was deprecated in Pharo8.

The major problem lie in the fact that #selector existed in Pharo 6 and had a differente meaning. Thus, it is hard to manipulate the keyword of a pragma in Pharo 6, 7 and 8+ at the same time.

This project adds a method #pragmaSelector to Pragma calling the right method depending on the Pharo version.


To install PragmaCompatibility on your Pharo image, execute the following script:

Metacello new
	githubUser: 'jecisc' project: 'PragmaCompatibility' commitish: 'v1.x.x' path: 'src';
	baseline: 'PragmaCompatibility';

To add PragmaCompatibility to your baseline:

	baseline: 'PragmaCompatibility'
	with: [ spec repository: 'github://jecisc/PragmaCompatibility:v1.x.x/src' ]

Note you can replace the #master by another branch such as #development or a tag such as #v1.0.0, #v1.? or #v1.2.? .

Version management

This project use semantic versioning to define the releases. This means that each stable release of the project will be assigned a version number of the form vX.Y.Z.

  • X defines the major version number
  • Y defines the minor version number
  • Z defines the patch version number

When a release contains only bug fixes, the patch number increases. When the release contains new features that are backward compatible, the minor version increases. When the release contains breaking changes, the major version increases.

Thus, it should be safe to depend on a fixed major version and moving minor version of this project.

Smalltalk versions compatibility

Version Compatible Pharo versions
1.x.x Pharo 61, 70, 80, 90


If you have any questions or problems do not hesitate to open an issue or contact cyril (a)

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