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Add signature check on your Eloquent models
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Add a signature integrity check in your Eloquent model


To get started, install secure-eloquent via Composer:

composer require jeckel/eloquent-signature

Next add the HasSignature trait and the Signable interface to your model

namespace App;

use Jeckel\EloquentSignature\HasSignature;
use Jeckel\EloquentSignature\Signable;
use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model;

class User extends Model implements Signable
    use HasSignature;
     * Required 
    protected static $signatureProperties = ['login', 'email', 'password'];
     * Required   
    protected static $signatureSalt = 'MySalt';
     * Optional (default: 'signature')  
    protected $signatureFieldName = 'signature';
     * Optional (default: false) 
    protected $throwExceptionOnRetrieve = false;

Field description :

  • signatureProperties: fields which will be include in the signature check, if any of this field is updated without updating the model will cause an integrity check error
  • signatureSalt: String to include in the signature calculation
  • signatureFieldName: name of the field in your model where the calculated signature will be stored
  • throwExceptionOnRetrieve: if set to true, all find queries will throw an exception if the signature retrieved is invalid. Using this options is more secure but need some implementation on your side to handle this exception.

Methods :

  • checkSignatureIsValid: allow you to check the signature when you need in your code.
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