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PyPlotter / JyPlotter - A Python / Jython Plotting Library

Version: 0.9.5 (September, 2nd 2017)

(c) 2004 Eckhart Arnold under the MIT License (

Author: Eckhart Arnold






PyPlotter is a Python package for plotting graphs and diagrams with very small footprint. Possible use cases for PyPlotter still are:

  • you need a plotting package that works with jython in the java virtual machine

  • you need a Python plotting package that can be transpiled to Javascript (see to be run in an Internet-Browser

  • you need a lightweight graph plotting package with small footprint

  • you need a plotting package that can easily be adapted to some obscure graphics library or GUI-toolkit that is not supported by matplotlib

  • you need a plotting package without any particular C-library dependencies

  • matplotlib is just too large for you

PyPlotter allows plotting on linear and logarithmic scales. Apart from that it contains classes for plotting simplex diagrams, such as are used in evolutionary game theory for example.

Through its own device driver PyPlotter can easily be adapted to different graphical user interfaces or output devices. This means that the same plotting subroutines can be used in a Jython applet in conjunction with the Java AWT or in a standalone application utilizing the wxWidgets, gtk or qt tookit or in an Internet-Application transpiled with

Installation Instructions

The easiest way to install PyPlotter / JyPlotter is with the pip-Installer from Python package index:

[sudo] pip install JyPlotter

Attention: It needs to be JyPlotter not PyPlotter because there seems to exist another package with the same name in PyPi.

Alternatively, you can also download the PyPlotter subfolder and place it inside your project folder. Importing PyPlotter works just the same way as described in the manual.


A very simple graph plotting library with small footprint and python2/3 + jython compatibility




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