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@molarmanful molarmanful Added code blocks around certain words. 8c45014
@molarmanful molarmanful Add "Arguments" entry. 91ab70f
@molarmanful molarmanful Added entry to "Functions" section. 8252997
@molarmanful molarmanful Updated Byte saving techniques (markdown) d9980e3
@molarmanful molarmanful Added entry to "In the browser" section. 435165c
@vrana vrana Syntax highlighting a0b08fb
@vrana vrana Clarify space after return 051476b
@vrana vrana Alternative for falsey array[1] e7e7224
@vrana vrana Fix typos 606044a
@srifqi srifqi Updated Byte saving techniques (markdown) 0fdcdeb
@rexcviii rexcviii Updated Byte saving techniques (markdown) 5ffc563
@rexcviii rexcviii Updated Byte saving techniques (markdown) 2a2e16c
@rexcviii rexcviii Updated Byte saving techniques (markdown) d92a32f
@subzey subzey Removing 1 more byte from swapping numbers 41a3fef
@tadeuzagallo tadeuzagallo Removing 1 byte from variable swapping when it is a number fbad4ee
@tsaniel tsaniel Does not work with integer 3d2be40
@atk atk Since @elclanrs didn't edit it, I filled it in. 3994804
@eligrey eligrey Kinda rude to call the public domain code I gave you yours :/ 0dff11e
@tnishino tnishino ((b.pop(a=b.pop())+c+a)) to (b.pop(a=b.pop())+c+a) at "Reuse parenthesis of the function call" f6b3118
@adius adius Reformated typetests, added test for Number 9d6e81a
@adius adius Test if Array has Several Elements (corrected) d223a8b
@jed jed Revert 7b2cdb8^ ... 7b2cdb8 on Byte saving techniques f562956
@adius adius Test if Array has Several Elements 7b2cdb8
@Hupotronic Hupotronic Check if DOM node x is a textNode with if( (Type-specific methods to test for types) 6d925f0
@atk atk booleans coerced to numbers cdd2b3d
@ajax333221 ajax333221 Revert 3ec3d6e04d91826f4d839bfa530ad96a4bf9934d ... 803a1fa0aa4eb7096ba873960b1107e3afb6a637 7fcffd3
@ajax333221 ajax333221 minor edit, "b=x+b" was wrong as it isn't equal to "b+=x" 803a1fa
@crhallberg crhallberg Updating Date.prototype.toJSON to DONE. 3ec3d6e
@atk atk if + shorthand 953047c
@xpansive xpansive Fix some formatting issues 494759f
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