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http = require "http"
fs = require "fs"
brow = require "browserver"
engine = require ""
coffee = require "coffee-script"
router = require "browserver-router"
app = fs.readFileSync "#{__dirname}/", "utf8"
assets =
engine: fs.readFileSync "#{__dirname}/node_modules/"
domo: fs.readFileSync "#{__dirname}/domo.js"
browserver: fs.readFileSync "#{__dirname}/node_modules/browserver/node_modules/browserver-client/browserver.js"
router: fs.readFileSync "#{__dirname}/node_modules/browserver-router/index.js"
app: coffee.compile app
client = Buffer """
<!doctype html>
<title>෴ browserver: a node.js HTTP server, in your browser</title>
<body style="background-color:#eee">
<script>http.STATUS_CODES = #{JSON.stringify http.STATUS_CODES}</script>
http.globalAgent?.maxSockets = Infinity
httpServer = http.createServer()
httpServer.on "request", router
GET: (req, res) ->
res.writeHead 200
"Content-Type": "text/html; charset=utf8"
"Content-Length": client.length
res.end client
wsServer = engine.attach httpServer
browServer = new brow.Server
browServer.listen httpServer, hostname: "*"
browServer.listen wsServer
updateCount = ->
serverCount = String Object.keys(browServer.servers).length
for name, server of browServer.servers
req = http.request
method: "PUT"
host: name
"content-type": "text/plain"
path: "/server-count"
req.end serverCount
browServer.on "connection", updateCount
browServer.on "disconnection", updateCount
httpServer.listen 80, ->
{port, address} = do @address
console.log "now running at http://#{address}:#{port}/"
process.on "uncaughtException", (err) ->
console.error err.message, err.stack