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jed committed Aug 20, 2012
1 parent 9f25167 commit c0f45a157ed42c056820523d1eec17bc4fbb6c81
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@@ -3,4 +3,5 @@ node_js:
- 0.6
- 0.8
- - secure: "VqlTEk60crfJFzo0SzgxwPovL4tRkHQqo6F1VJEcNp7rbqhJ42kH5iKNs14v\n+VQgI3Cjb1n1kU9uVBSMizWZ6xqJsxmWIzwP4UKMnT1cZN9srLqJXQTRCDuk\n3dGm0MU1TMn7bh9Rn7N03IdhuQgHva0uBrYGIR78C7M+txQq3cE="
+ global:
+ - secure: "VqlTEk60crfJFzo0SzgxwPovL4tRkHQqo6F1VJEcNp7rbqhJ42kH5iKNs14v\n+VQgI3Cjb1n1kU9uVBSMizWZ6xqJsxmWIzwP4UKMnT1cZN9srLqJXQTRCDuk\n3dGm0MU1TMn7bh9Rn7N03IdhuQgHva0uBrYGIR78C7M+txQq3cE="

6 comments on commit c0f45a1

sorry for troubles, the thing is fixed now, when you get back to original syntax (ie. revert this commit), it should work fine


jed replied Aug 20, 2012

@drogus, can you tell me how two ENV vars would be specified for the travis encryption CLI? these don't seem to get picked up:!/jed/dynamo/jobs/2177129/L5

@jed it looks like it can't decrypt the value, did you generate it using travis gem?

@jed yeah, I think it may be the issue, the same syntax works fine for my test repo (travis.yml, build), could you try to generate ENV again with travis?

gem install travis
travis encrypt jed/dynamo FOO=bar

jed replied Aug 20, 2012

okay, this appears to have done it, thanks for your help, @drogus!


I think that you could still use 2 vars at once (I'm doing exactly that), I suspect that encrypted version just needed regeneration. But if it works as separate values, I guess it's ok to keep it like that too :)

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