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I'm using fake_dynamo to test against a stub server locally, so I wanted to connect to something outside the list of known hosts.

It seems there's already a backwards-compatibility issue with create() that prevents overloading it with a specific host, so I added an alternative method createForHost() and tunneled the existing create() through it. I'm open to other suggestions though.

jed commented Jul 7, 2012

hey @gfxmonk, sorry to take so long on this.

i'm pulling the core dynamo logic out into its own library, which i probably should've done from the get-go. the new API is like this:

db = dynamo.createClient(host, [credentials])

so, if you're using the low-level API, you should probably use that instead, since it'll let you use any arbitrary host.

(i'll be building a better high-level API on top of the new library now, which will replace this one.)


Cool. I'm using the high-level API so I'll just use my fork for now, but glad to know it's in the works :)

Natim commented Mar 14, 2014

I wish I had this into the dynamo current version.

@jed jed closed this Mar 6, 2016
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