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Low level API

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Low-level API

If you'd like more control over how you interact with DynamoDB, all 13 original DynamoDB operations are available as camelCased methods on database instances return by dynamo.createClient(). These methods require the original object format expected by Amazon.

  • batchGetItem
  • batchWriteItem
  • createTable
  • deleteItem
  • deleteTable
  • describeTable
  • getItem
  • listTables
  • putItem
  • query
  • scan
  • updateItem
  • updateTable

These allow you to skip dynamo's API sugar and use only its account, session, and authentication logic, for code such as the following for createTable:

var dynamo = require("dynamo")
  , client = dynamo.createClient()
  , db = client.get("us-east-1")

  TableName: "DYNAMO_TEST_TABLE_1",

  ProvisionedThroughput: {
    ReadCapacityUnits: 5,
    WriteCapacityUnits: 5

  KeySchema: {
    HashKeyElement: {
      AttributeName: "hash",
      AttributeType: "S"
}, function(err, data){ ... })
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