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(fab) - a streaming javascript framework

(fab) is a lightweight toolkit that makes it easy to build asynchronous web apps. It takes advantage of the flexibility and functional nature of javascript to create a concise "DSL", without pre-compilation or magic scope hackery.

Here's an example of a "hello world" app:

module.exports = function( exports, imports ) {
  return imports( function( run, node$listen, route, html ) {
    with ( html ) return run

      ( node$listen, 0xFAB )

      ( HTML )
        ( BODY, { id: "show" } )
          ( "Hello, " )

          ( EM )
            ( route, /^\/(\w+)$/ )
              ( route.capture, 0 )
            ( /* else */ )
              ( "world!" )
          () //EM

          ( "!" )
        () //BODY
      () //HTML

Getting started

To install (fab), use npm:

npm install fab

Then, from the (fab) directory in your node folder, launch the demo.js example:

fab demo.js

Look in the source of the demo to see how the app was built.

Unfortunately, most of the current (fab) documentation reflects an older and deprecated API. This will be remedied shortly now that the (fab) API has started to gel. To stay updated on the progress of (fab), follow @fabjs on Twitter.

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