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Speech to code

This will turn every word into lowercase, which can help with coding in some languages when using certain speech-to-text software. Use in conjunction with atom-code-poetry to auto-replace some words for a performance.

Apple Dictation

Punctuation Result
open bracket [
close bracket ]
open parenthesis (
close parenthesis )
open brace {
close brace }
open angle bracket <
close angle bracket >
colon :
comma ,
dash -
exclamation mark !
period .
point .
dot .
full stop .
question mark ?
quote "
end quote "
begin single quote '
end single quote '
semicolon ;
Typography Result
ampersand &
asterisk *
at sign @
backslash \
forward slash /
caret ^
center dot ·
large center dot
degree sign °
hashtag #
pound sign #
percent sign %
underscore _
vertical bar
Capitalization Result
caps on formats next phrase in Title Case
caps off resumes default letter case
all caps formats next word in ALL CAPS
all caps on proceeds in ALL CAPS
all caps off resumes default letter case

Currency Result dollar sign $ cent sign ¢ pound sterling sign £ euro sign € yen sign ¥ Emoticons Result cross-eyed laughing face XD frowny face :-( smiley face :-) winky face ;-)

Intellectual Property Result copyright sign © registered sign ® trademark sign ™

Mathematical Result equals sign = greater than sign > less than sign < minus sign - multiplication sign x plus sign +

Word and Line Result new line adds line break numeral formats next phrase as number roman numeral formats next phrase as Roman numeral new paragraph adds paragraph break no space on formats next phrase without spaces no space off resumes default spacing tab key advances cursor to the next tab stop

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