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Interface Experience

Here is a collection of interactives built for the Bard Graduate Center Focus Gallery

It includes 5 applications, built for the Commodore 64, Mac Plus, Palm Pilot, iPad, and Kinect.

It's an OK set of examples for someone trying to write code for these platforms around 2015. I owe a ton of thanks to many people who have put up great tutorials for each system, as detailed at the end of this document.

Thanks and Resources

This is a partial list, please submit github issues or pull requests to help me fill this out!

I could not have created this without the help of

  • Kimon Keramidas and the Bard Graduate Center, for giving me the opportunity to work on this amazingly fun archeological experiment.
  • All the students who created the scripts and everyone who created the Interface Experience Wiki: Jane Kilmar, Andrew Gardner, Caitlin Dichter, Emily Banas, Cindy Kok, Martina D'amato, Rebecca Mir, and Alana Jiwa.
  • the Kryoflux Project, for making a killer floppy disk controller to let me dump Hypercard and other variable speed floppy disks, and it working flawlessly.
  • the Future was 8-bit for their SD2IEC sd card drive for the commodore...
  • eBay, for the only place I could find a shrink-wrapped Claris Hypercard 2.1, an excellent condition palm pilot m500 + 802.11b MODULE?!?
  • mini vMac/the Gryphel Project, a kickass linux/osx mac plus emulator
  • Bill Atkinson for making Hypercard! And Claris for extending it!
  • PHEM, the palm hardware emulator for Android
  • Eric Poncet, for his amazing Palm Tutorial
  • Docker, for making it easy to create a crazy gcc 2.95 + pilrc palm pilot compiler environment
  • Debian, for keeping sources and packages still alive for years after end-of-life


A collection of interactive applications on commodore 64, mac plus, palm pilot, ipad and kinect






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