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Every question you have about computers, technology, programming, and this course.

  • Could I code a tangible object?
  • Is programming more of a science or an art?
  • Which programming level will we achieve?
  • Is the entire class coding?
  • Will we be learning HTML?
  • Can I create a program that will reword wikipedia articles to write my essays for me?
  • Is programming very different between different OS, especially mobile?
  • How long does it take to create a successfull program?
  • How do you think programming will change in the future?
  • Difference between creating a website, and one with programming? what is it made out of?
  • Is it possible to understanding, when I had trouble coding before?
  • Are we going to make apps for phones or the computer?
  • Why can zip files open easily in macs but not rar file?
  • What would we be expected to know on the job as a graphic designer specifically, or any designer?
  • How acceptable is it to share code in the real world?
  • Can you own a piece of code?
  • Is learning javascript and HTML together reinforce each other?
  • I am interested in print work and typography, how will this class help me?
  • Is javascript easier than html?
  • Is coding and programming the same thing?
  • Can you bring an oculus rift?
  • Why are there different languages? Do we need to know all?
  • How does google glass work?
  • What are useful timesavers when coding?
  • How hard is it to get an app into the app store?
  • How much is a domain name?What do I do once I have a domain name?
  • What do I need to do to put a website on the internet?
  • Do we need a server?