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Lein ReplJs

Run a clojurescript repl with rhino or in a browser.

lein trampoline repljs                 => rhino repl
lein trampoline repljs browser [port]  => browser repl

The browser repl creates repljs.html in the project directory, and client.js and repljs.js in the directory named by the :cljs {:output-dir ...} property (it defaults to public). If the browser command is phantom or phantomjs an additional file repljs-phantom.js is created in the same directory.

Use (load-namespace example.namespace) instead of require, which will not work. Alternatively, use a ns declaration to load namespaces:

(ns temp.ns
  (:require [example.namespace :as ex]))

Due to Leiningen 1.x limitations the repljs plugin must be run via trampoline.