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" # Code folding for Vim
" Add this code to your `~/.vimrc` to enable folding of Markdown files and
" source files with Markdown comments.
" The fold level is determined by the number of `#` at the start of each
" heading. Underlined headings are not supported.
" Test code is also made foldable.
function! MarkdownLevel(token)
if 0 == empty(matchstr(getline(v:lnum), '^'.a:token.'<\(?\|\.\)'))
return 'a1'
if 0 == empty(matchstr(getline(v:lnum), '^'.a:token.'\(?\|\.\)>'))
return 's1'
let level = strlen(matchstr(getline(v:lnum),
\ '\(^'.a:token.' \)\@<=#\+\( \)\@='))
if level == 0
return "="
return ">".level
" Different comment tokens are supported.
let g:comment#none = ''
let g:comment#semi = ';;'
let g:comment#slashes = '//'
let g:comment#hash = '#'
let g:comment#dblquote = '"'
au BufEnter *.md,*.clj,*.cljs,*.js,*.sh setlocal foldmethod=expr
" I don't know why passing a string literal to `MarkdownLevel` doesn't work
" here. Vimscript is not my forte.
au BufEnter *.md setlocal foldexpr=MarkdownLevel(comment#none)
au BufEnter *.clj,*.cljs setlocal foldexpr=MarkdownLevel(comment#semi)
au BufEnter *.js setlocal foldexpr=MarkdownLevel(comment#slashes)
au BufEnter *.sh setlocal foldexpr=MarkdownLevel(comment#hash)
au BufEnter *.vim setlocal foldexpr=MarkdownLevel(comment#dblquote)
" ## Key bindings
" `za` toggle current fold
" `zR` open all folds
" `zM` close all folds
" `zr` open one more level of folds
" `zm` close one more level of folds
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