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* @file dhm.h
* @author Jed Brown <>
* @date Sat Oct 24 17:20:17 2009
* @brief DHM is format for storing Dohp vectors in HDF5 with reference to iMesh.
* This is a Multiple Time Multiple Domain format. A mesh defines the macro-topology, but can be a heavy object to
* duplicate at every time step, and this duplication is clumsy to deal with for certain applications because it's not
* easy to tell when the mesh changes. The FS defines a function space over the mesh. There can be multiple function
* spaces using the same mesh. The parallel layout is defined by a global offset and size for each entity, stored as
* tags on the mesh. The geometry is defined by a vector in some function space, usually giving locations of nodes (this
* changes every time step in ALE methods).
* An outline of the format is
* /fs/[ID]/mesh_file_name
* /layout_tags
* /layout_tags_of_coordinate_fs
* /id_of_coordinate_vector
* /times/[ID]/time
* /[FIELD]/id_of_fs
* /vector
#if !defined _DHM_H
#define _DHM_H
#include <hdf5.h>
#define dHCHK(herr) dCHK((dErr)herr)
#include <private/viewerimpl.h>
#include <dohpviewer.h>
#include <dohpfs.h>
/* for the in-memory representation */
#define dH5T_REAL H5T_NATIVE_DOUBLE /* dReal */
#define dH5T_INT H5T_NATIVE_INT /* dInt */
typedef struct {
char *filename;
PetscFileMode btype;
hid_t file,dohproot;
hid_t meshroot,fsroot,steproot;
dReal time;
dFS fs; /* Most writes are with respect to a FS, once written we set to 0 */
} dViewer_DHM;
extern dErr dViewerDHMSetUp(dViewer);
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