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dual order hp finite element
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Dohp aims to be a very efficient implementation of the hp-version of
the finite element method.  It exploits the tensor product structure
of nodal bases on hexahedra to significantly reduce the memory
requirements and computational cost compared to low-order elements.
It uses Q1 elements on the nodes of the high-order basis to assemble a
preconditioning matrix which is much sparser than Q2 elements.
Preliminary results show that memory and solver runtime for arbitrary
order (2-10 or so) is half that required by a standard Q2

Dohp development is primarily focused on scalable solution of
indefinite problems such as those found in incompressible flow and
PDE-constrained optimization.

Dohp currently depends on development versions of PETSc [1] and MOAB [2].
Additionally, some tests depend on SymPy [2] to manufacture the forcing
terms for exact solutions.

If you are interested in Dohp, please let me know (jed at 59A2 dot org)
and I'll fill you in on the design and how to get it installed (and
update this README).

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