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Create Slides with Markdown

reveal-ck is..

a command line tool that helps you author reveal.js presentations.

It lets you focus on the content of your presentation by taking care of the details of building a reveal.js presentation.

You write your presentation in markdown, in a single file, and reveal-ck generates everything else.

Get Started Now

Here's a quick example so you can see what using reveal-ck is like.

Learning More

There are many, many things you can do to customize your slides!

Here's a long, but not exhaustive, list of things you can do:

  • Get fast feedback with LiveReload. Save your slides and instantly see the result.
  • Host your slides up on Github Pages.
  • Use any emoji available on github, such as :money_with_wings:
  • Take advantage of reveal.js' vertical slides
  • Use Github Flavored Markdown Tables
  • Write your slides in HTML or popular Ruby templating languages, like ERB and Haml, and Slim.
  • Easily support CSS tweaks.
  • Use @mentions, such as, @jedcn.
  • Manage configuration of themes and plugins in a single config file.
  • Integrate with rake (ie: create rake tasks that build slides)


reveal-ck is delivered as a RubyGem, and so, you need Ruby 2.0+ and then installing should be as easy as:

gem install reveal-ck

Verify that things are functional and you have the latest version of reveal-ck by typing:

reveal-ck --version


Not everything is documented, and nothing is perfect, so-- if you'd like to ask a question or log a bug please do so!


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If you're a ruby developer and you want to get going with local development, please see .github/