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Getting Started

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It's easy to get started with reveal-ck.

Creating your first slides

If you've got a terminal open, you can create your first set of slides with the following commands after you run a gem install reveal-ck:

echo '
## I :heart: reveal-ck
by @jedcn
' >
reveal-ck generate
open slides/index.html

You will run the three commands above if you copy-and-paste what's there into your terminal.

  1. The echo will create a file named that contains markdown describing a single slide.
  2. The reveal-ck generate command tells the gem to build your slides.
  3. And the open slides/index.html tells your (MacOS) system to open a browser to your slides at slides/index.html.

When you take this approach, the URL in your browser will start with file://. This has the advantage of being lightweight, but has the disadvantage of not supporting certain functionality (like speaker notes) and you don't get live-reload.

However-- just getting this done is a good first step. If it succeeds it indicates that reveal-ck is functional.

Serving your slides

As a next step, now run the command reveal-ck serve in that same terminal and directory. This will start up a webserver and automatically rebuild and reload your presentation.

To view your slides, open your browser to http://localhost:10000

Open your slides in any editor, and make a change. The change should trigger self-explanatory output in your terminal, and your browser should update without you having to press the "reload" button.


A written introduction is available here:


There are several videos that also show what's going on if you'd like to see rather than read:

They were created so that you could watch them all in a row or jump in wherever you'd like.

Please keep in mind that these videos pre-date having live-reload. Everything in them is valid-- you just don't have to switch contexts and run reveal-ck generate as much. :smile:.

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