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# Carbon Copy Clone - Check Currency
# by Jedda Wignall
# v1.0 - 2 Jul 2012
# Initial release.
# This script has 2 modes:
# • Can be used as a post-clone script in Carbon Copy Cloner to mark a destination as successful
# • Can be used as a Nagios plugin to check the time of the last successful clone to a destination
# --- In Carbon Copy Cloner (CCC) ---
# Simply set the script as the post-clone shell script (After copying files...) for your scheduled clone.
# More information can be found at my original blog post about this script (
# or the documentation on this feature in CCC (
# --- In Nagios ---
# This script checks .ccc_clone_last_completed file on a volume, and reports if a clone has completed successfully within a number of minutes of the current time.
# Takes two arguments (clone destination, warning threshold in minutes):
# ./ -d '/Volumes/Boot-Clone' -w 1440
while getopts "d:w:" optionName; do
case "$optionName" in
d) destVolume=("$OPTARG");;
w) warnMinutes=( $OPTARG );;
parentProcess=`ps -ocommand= -p $PPID | awk -F/ '{print $NF}' | awk '{print $1}'`
# check to see if we are being called from CCC
if [ "$parentProcess" = "com.bombich.ccc" ]; then
# we are being called by CCC
echo "We are being called by CCC"
if [ $3 -eq 0 ]; then
echo "Clone to $2 was good!"
# clone completed successfully
touch "$2/.ccc_clone_last_completed"
exit 0
# we are NOT being called by CCC
if ! [ -f "$destVolume/.ccc_clone_last_completed" ];
printf "CRITICAL - $destVolume has never been a successful clone destination!\n"
exit 2
if echo `find "$destVolume/.ccc_clone_last_completed" -mmin +$warnMinutes` | grep -q "$destVolume/.ccc_clone_last_completed"; then
printf "WARNING - A clone has NOT succeeded to $destVolume in more than $warnMinutes minutes\n"
exit 1
printf "OK - A clone to $destVolume has succeeded within the last $warnMinutes minutes\n"
exit 0