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A scaffold generator that generates useful stuff. It also supports belongs_to routes so you get all those pathes correct from the beginning.
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= XtremeScaffold

Copyright (c) 2008 Johannes Edelstam, released under the MIT license

== Overview

This is a replacement for the standard scaffold. It creates a _form partial instead of the 
standard default, it creates list_for lists and supports nested routes! 

So if you have /posts/comments/ you simply specify --belongs_to post when you scaffold comment. 
You will get paths like new_post_comment(@post)! 

I have fixed all those disturbing things in the standard scaffold as I like them, 
hope you feel like me :) 

== Differences

Changes from the default scaffold bundled with Ruby On Rails

  1) Use list_for plugin for the lists
  2) Use partials for forms
  3) Nicer HTML

== Example

script/generate xtreme_scaffold comment --belongs_to post post_id:integer text:text

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