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Kitten Kollector - Scavenger hunt organization tool
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Kitten Kollector

Kitten Kollector is that tool you've always wanted to run a scavenger hunt, whether it be in one building or all over a city. Think Pokemon Go. But with kittens. And made in 24 hours.

Simply generate any number of kittens that you like with a unique code, and then write down the codes where people can find them. Anyone can then use the website to redeem the codes and get their kitten.


We created Kitten Kollector using flask with python on the backend and HTML5 with bootstrap on the frontend. The icons are generated using robohash.

The app was made to be deployed to Google App Platform, but you could conceivably host it anywhere.


The team was Joseph Snell, Katie Midgley, and Justin Chadwell.


If for some reason you decide you actually want to run kitten kollector (not really recommended as some parts are extremely hacky), run the following commands to download kitten kollector and install all of its dependencies.

$ git clone
$ cd kitten-kollector
$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Then running the app is just as easy as:

$ python


All code is licensed under the MIT license.

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