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Paris 2013 - proposal - Scaling DevOps in the Enterprise – Best Practice... #149

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...s and Building Blocks

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+author: Rainer Heinold
+title: Scaling DevOps in the Enterprise – Best Practices and Building Blocks
+Although DevOps is one of the hot topics for C-level executives, a lot of initiatives fail or don’t produce value for an organization. However, the roll-out of Agile methodologies increases the pressure on development and operations to improve the ability to take new applications and features into production.
+The session describes a tool-independent blueprint of a successful DevOps reference implementation in a large multi-national organization, highlighting the key factors that are necessary and how organizations can transform their infrastructure re-using the different capabilities they already have.
+*Rainer Heinold, Senior Technical Director EMEA, CollabNet, Inc.*
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