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Berlin 2013: 1 more proposal. #172

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Commits on Mar 21, 2013
  1. Berlin 2013: Matti Klasson's proposal.

    Jens Braeuer authored
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+author: Matti Klasson
+title: "From the trenches - DevOps a way to collaborate"
+My talk will be about how we at Avanza Bank, an E-trader in Sweden
+working with continuous delivery and ship new software to production
+every second Friday and try do it even more frequently. How we formed
+a delivery team with developer, architect, tester and operation. How
+that team are responsible for the processes and tools used by the dev
+and ops guys. How each team member at operation collaborate with one
+or two Dev teams regarding all ops needs for those team, such as new
+infrastructure, monitoring, log mgmt and so on. The essence of my talk
+will be that DevOps is all about collaboration, communication and
+culture not a new technology or job description.
+Matti Klasson works at Avanza Bank, a Swedish E-trader company. Tens
+of thousands share transactions and investment fund commission notes
+are handled each day.
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