a plugin for vagrant that allows you manage a sandbox state
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  • Sahara does not work with Vagrant 1.0 or lower.
  • If you want to install an old version for Vagrant 1.0, you have to run the command like "gem install sahara -v 0.0.13"
  • But I strongly recommend you to upgrade your Vagrant to latest version.


Sahara allows vagrant to operate in sandbox mode.

Typical usage:

  • Enter sandbox mode:
    vagrant sandbox on
  • Do some stuff:
    vagrant ssh 
  • If satisfied, apply the changes permanently:
    vagrant sandbox commit
  • If not satisfied, rollback to the previous commit:
    vagrant sandbox rollback
  • Exit sandbox mode:
    vagrant sandbox off

Many kudos go to the creators of vagrant


From source:

bundle install
rake build
vagrant plugin install pkg/sahara-0.0.xx.gem

This is now available as gem:

vagrant plugin install sahara

Supported providers

  • VirtualBox
  • VMware Fusion
  • libvirt
  • Parallels


This is licensed under the MIT license.