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KVM Provider

NOTE: Virtualbox doesn't like KVM to be enabled


Depending on your operating system you may need to install packages for kvm, qemu and libvirt.

To check if your kernel can run kvm :

# kvm_ok or kvm-ok command (on Ubuntu at least)
# or look for vmx or svm in /proc/cpuinfo
egrep '^flags.*(vmx|svm)' /proc/cpuinfo

The kernel modules needed are the following : kvm, kvm_intel or kvm-amd.

Storage Pool

You need to have at least one storage pool defined in libvirt where your VM images will be stored. You can check all available storage pools with

virsh pool-list

If no storage pool is listed, you can create a new storage pool which saves all VM images in the directory /var/lib/libvirt/images with

mkdir -p /var/lib/libvirt/images
cat > /tmp/pool.xml << EOF
<pool type="dir">
    <format type='qcow2'/>
virsh pool-create /tmp/pool.xml


You need to have at least one network defined. You can check all available networks with

virsh net-list

If there is no network, consult the documentation of your operating system to find out how to creat it. More information can also be found in the libvirt documentation.

If you are using libvirt with a URI different than the default qemu:///system, you need to create a config file for If your libvirt endpoint is accessible at qemu+ssh:// you can create the .fog config file with

cat > ~/.fog << EOF
  :libvirt_uri: qemu+ssh://

For more information have a look at the libvirt documentation.

Using VeeWee

You can always get help by using the the built in help with every command. e.g. for the build command use

veewee kvm help build

List available templates

veewee kvm templates

Use one of the listed templates to define a new box e.g. with

veewee kvm define 'My Ubuntu 12.10 box' 'ubuntu-12.10-server-amd64'

Build the box using KVM / Quemu (this will take a while)

veewee kvm build 'My Ubuntu 12.10 box'

You can specify the name of the storage pool and the network to be used when building a VM. Use the options--pool-name and --network-name with the built command:

veewee kvm build 'My Ubuntu 12.10 box' --pool-name virtimages --network-name default
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