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Still to document:
# Requirements
virtualbox ->
kvm -> ruby-libvirt gem
v0.8.3 or higher
require libvirt 0.8+ version
have a default dir pool installed
permissions to write create new volumes
vmfusion -> VMWare fusion installed
Tested on VMWare fusion 0.3.x
# Changes to Definitions
Virtualbox options ioapic, pae are now moved to :virtualbox => { vm_options => [ :ioapic => 'on' ]}
now you can pass all options you have to virtualbox
# Use as a library
# ostype_id (not everytime exists on all providers)
# Rakefile contains check iso
# Rakefile contains test
# Rakefile contains real_test
# Templates
idea is to split to multiple pieces
check for .veewee_version or .vmfusion_version to see for which provider we are building this
include/exclude can do this
default user becomes veewee, will create the vagrant user if used under vagrant
uploading vmware.iso
uploading virtualbox.iso
# Validation
veewee.feature (depending on virtualbox, vagrant)
no more ssh_steps
uses @tags per provider
# veewee vmfusion export ova
# vagrant basebox export box
# New options
--auto (download yes)
--force also for export
--debug (debug output)
ostypes are now synchronized accross kvm
veewee steps (username,password, + VEEWEE env variables)
validate vms - + features selection
check libvirt version
windows test
validation of checks (also - include/exclude)
check execs with exit code
multinetwork card
dkms for kernel installs
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