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Define a new box

Let's define a Ubuntu 10.10 server i386 basebox called myunbuntubox this is essentially making a copy based on the templates provided above.

$ veewee vbox define 'myubuntubox' 'ubuntu-10.10-server-i386'
The basebox 'myubuntubox' has been succesfully created from the template ''ubuntu-10.10-server-i386'
You can now edit the definition files stored in definitions/myubuntubox
or build the box with:
veewee vbox build 'myubuntubox'

-> This copies over the templates/ubuntu-10.10-server-i386 to definition/myubuntubox

$ ls definitions/myubuntubox
definition.rb preseed.cfg

Optionally modify the definition.rb , or preseed.cfg

Veewee::Definition.declare( {
:cpu_count => '1', :memory_size=> '256', 
:disk_size => '10140', :disk_format => 'VDI', :disk_variant => 'Standard',
:os_type_id => 'Ubuntu',
:iso_file => "ubuntu-10.10-server-i386.iso", 
:iso_src => "",
:iso_md5 => "ce1cee108de737d7492e37069eed538e",
:iso_download_timeout => "1000",
:boot_wait => "10",
:boot_cmd_sequence => [ 
    '/install/vmlinuz noapic preseed/url=http://%IP%:%PORT%/preseed.cfg ',
    'debian-installer=en_US auto locale=en_US kbd-chooser/method=us ',
    'hostname=%NAME% ',
    'fb=false debconf/frontend=noninteractive ',
    'console-setup/ask_detect=false console-setup/modelcode=pc105 console-setup/layoutcode=us ',
    'initrd=/install/initrd.gz -- <Enter>' 
:kickstart_port => "7122", :kickstart_timeout => "10000",:kickstart_file => "preseed.cfg",
:ssh_login_timeout => "10000",:ssh_user => "vagrant", :ssh_password => "vagrant",:ssh_key => "",
:ssh_host_port => "2222", :ssh_guest_port => "22",
:sudo_cmd => "echo '%p'|sudo -S sh '%f'",
:shutdown_cmd => "shutdown -H",
:postinstall_files => [ ""],:postinstall_timeout => "10000"

If you need to change values in the templates, be sure to run the rake undefine, the rake define again to copy the changes across.

Getting the cdrom file in place

Put your isofile inside the 'currentdir'/iso directory or if you don't run

$ veewee vbox build 'myubuntubox'
  • the build assumes your iso files are in 'currentdir'/iso
  • if it can not find it will suggest to download the iso for you
  • use '--force' to overwrite an existing install

Build the new box:

$ veewee vbox build 'myubuntubox'
  • This will create a machine + disk according to the definition.rb
  • Note: :os_type_id = The internal Name Virtualbox uses for that Distribution
  • Mount the ISO File :iso_file
  • Boot up the machine and wait for :boot_time
  • Send the keystrokes in :boot_cmd_sequence
  • Startup a webserver on :kickstart_port to wait for a request for the :kickstart_file (don't navigate to the file in your browser or the server will stop and the installer will not be able to find your preseed)
  • Wait for ssh login to work with :ssh_user , :ssh_password
  • Sudo execute the :postinstall_files

Validate the vm

$ veewee vbox validate 'myubuntubox'

this will run some cucumber test against the box to see if it has the necessary bits and pieces for vagrant to work

Export the vm to a .box file

$ vagrant basebox export 'myubuntubox'

this is actually calling - vagrant package --base 'myubuntubox' --output 'boxes/'

this will result in a

Add the box as one of your boxes

To import it into vagrant type:

$ vagrant box add 'myubuntubox' ''

Use it in vagrant

To use it:

$ vagrant init 'myubuntubox'
$ vagrant up
$ vagrant ssh

How to add a new OS/installation (needs some love)

I suggest the easiest way is to get an account on github and fork of the veewee repository

$ git clone*your account*/veewee.git
$ cd veewee
$ gem install bundler
$ bundle install

If you don't use rvm, be sure to execute vagrant through bundle exec

$ alias veewee="bundle exec veewee"

Start of an existing one

$ veewee vbox define 'mynewos' 'ubuntu...'
  • Do changes in the currentdir/definitions/mynewos
  • When it builds ok, move the definition/mynewos to a sensible directory under templates
  • commit the changes (git commit -a)
  • push the changes to github (git push)
  • go to the github gui and issue a pull request for it

If you have a setup working, share your 'definition' with me. That would be fun!

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