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Veewee definition

Creating a definition

A definition is created by 'cloning' a template.

To create a definition you use the 'define' subcommand:

veewee vbox define 'myubuntu' 'ubuntu-10.10-server-amd64'

If you want to use an external repo for the definition you can specify a git-url

veewee vbox define 'myubuntu' 'git://'

Modifying a definition

Definitions are stored under a directory 'definitions' relative to the current directory.

|- <definitions>
|   |--myubuntu
|      |-- definition.rb
|      |-- <preseed.cfg,kickstart.cfg,....>

The file 'definition.rb' contains all the parameters to define the machine to be build:

  • memorysize
  • number of cpus
  • user account and password
  • sudo command
  • shutdown command
  • URL and checksum to download the ISO
  • ....

When a new boots, it will typically fetch it's initial configuration file over http from a preseed.cfg, kickstart, ... file

Once the initial installation is done, veewee will log in to the sytem and starts executing the 'shell files'

The main reason for splitting up the we used to have, it to make the script parts reusable for different virtualization systems: f.i. no need to install virtualbox guest additions on kvm or vmware fusion.

Changes between v0.2 -> v0.3

The 'Veewee::Session.declare' is now deprecated and you should use 'Veewee::Definition.declare'

'Postinstall_files' prefixed with an underscore are not executed but can be toggled with the --include, --exclude with the command. This allows you to insert different scripts, disable the installation of puppet, etc...

The default user of definitions is now 'veewee' and not 'vagrant'. This is because on other virtualizations like fusion and kvm, there is not relationship with the 'vagrant'. Users 'vagrant' are created by the '' script and not by the preseed or kickstart.

Using ERB in files

Add '.erb' to your files in a definition and they will get rendered (useful for generting kickstart,postinstall) (thx @mconigilaro)

Listing existing definitions

veewee vbox list

Removing a definition

veewee vbox undefine 'myubuntu'
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