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1 parent 6a1bca7 commit bd4015d45b9572fa79e64f9ff0a4b7481b5346c2 @jedi4ever committed May 2, 2011
Showing with 1 addition and 41 deletions.
  1. +1 −1 lib/veewee/version.rb
  2. +0 −40 templates/solaris-11-express-i386-experimental/ks.cfg
2 lib/veewee/version.rb
@@ -1,3 +1,3 @@
module Veewee
- VERSION = "0.1.17"
+ VERSION = "0.1.18"
40 templates/solaris-11-express-i386-experimental/ks.cfg
@@ -1,40 +0,0 @@
-# Kickstart file automatically generated by anaconda.
-lang en_US.UTF-8
-keyboard us
-#xconfig --card "VMWare" --videoram 16384 --hsync 31.5-37.9 --vsync 50-70 --resolution 800x600 --depth 16
-network --onboot yes --device eth0 --bootproto dhcp --noipv6
-rootpw --iscrypted $6$n/NGsk5H2aiBMXL4$r/oPkJtB5rasvQHPo9AvIJBe6sNVlQbpZxvTRMN7.qZk/Sn9u2qZ0XgNxflUvK20y7OIWdr/vv7MED6gzkBiH0
-firewall --enabled --trust eth0 --ssh
-selinux --enforcing
-authconfig --enableshadow --passalgo=sha512 --enablefingerprint
-timezone --utc America/Los_Angeles
-bootloader --location=mbr --driveorder=sda --append="nomodeset rhgb quiet"
-# The following is the partition information you requested
-# Note that any partitions you deleted are not expressed
-# here so unless you clear all partitions first, this is
-# not guaranteed to work
-clearpart --all --drives=sda --initlabel
-part /boot --fstype=ext4 --size=500 --ondisk=sda
-part pv.2 --size=0 --grow --size=500
-volgroup vg_main --pesize=32768 pv.2
-logvol swap --fstype=swap --name=lv_swap --vgname=vg_main --size=528 --grow --maxsize=1056
-logvol / --fstype=ext4 --name=lv_root --vgname=vg_main --size=1024 --grow
-# We leave the repo commands out so that we install from the iso
-#repo --name="Fedora 14 - i386" --baseurl= --cost=1000
-#repo --name="Fedora 14 - i386 - Updates" --baseurl= --cost=1000
-/usr/sbin/groupadd vagrant
-/usr/sbin/useradd vagrant -g vagrant -G wheel
-echo "vagrant"|passwd --stdin vagrant
-echo "vagrant ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL" >> /etc/sudoers

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