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-# Contribute or Improving a Veewee Templates
-If you have a setup working, share your 'definition' with me. That would be fun!
-## How to add a new OS/installation
-I suggest the easiest way is to get an account on [Github](
-I assume that you have a working ruby environment as described in ``.
-Then fork [the veewee repository]( to your account and clone it to your computer:
- $ git clone*your account*/veewee.git
- $ cd veewee
- $ gem install bundler
- $ bundle install
-If you don't use [rvm](, be sure to execute veewee through `bundle exec`:
- $ alias veewee="bundle exec veewee"
-Start your new definition on base of an existing one by executing:
- $ veewee vbox define 'mynewos' '<your_os_of_choice>'
-Now follow these best practices:
-- Apply your changes in `./definitions/mynewos`
-- Build it with `veewee vbox build 'mynewos'`
-- Validate with `veewee vbox validate 'mynewos'`
-- When it builds OK and all tests are green, move `definition/mynewos` to a sensible directory under templates<br>
- Hint: Follow the naming schema of existing boxes
-- Commit the changes: `git commit -a`
-- Push the changes to github: `git push`
-- Go to github and issue a pull request: `*your account*/veewee/pull/new/master`
-TODO ct 2013-02-4 Bonuspoints for feature-branches and adding tests to verify new post installs?

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