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create_disk: can't convert File into String #214

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This may be nothing, but I got this error:

Creating new harddrive of size 10140 
/home/karel/work/misc/veewee/lib/veewee/provider/virtualbox/box/create.rb:123:in `join': can't convert File into String (TypeError)
    from /home/karel/work/misc/veewee/lib/veewee/provider/virtualbox/box/create.rb:123:in `create_disk'
    from /home/karel/work/misc/veewee/lib/veewee/provider/virtualbox/box.rb:62:in `create'
    from /home/karel/work/misc/veewee/lib/veewee/provider/core/box/build.rb:38:in `build'
    from /home/karel/work/misc/veewee/lib/veewee/provider/virtualbox/box.rb:132:in `build'
    from /home/karel/work/misc/veewee/lib/veewee/command/virtualbox.rb:17:in `build'
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Veewee03 #215


Closed since the associated pull request was merged

@karel1980 karel1980 closed this
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