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How do we get the desktop templates? Specifically for 12.04 LTS.
Can I boot up a fresh 12.04 desktop into virtualbox, then export the vm into veewee templates?



Sorry it does not work that way. I've never tested doing the desktop install.

I think the best starting point is that copy the templates for an existing ubuntu; change the iso file+checksum it points to - (in definition.rb) and launch it. I suspect there need to be changes to the preseed.cfg but I'm not sure.


I think with the current 12.04 the kernel header is the same (for both ubuntu server and desktop[, according the official release). I will try to play around with it.
If I can install, does it mean I am good to go? Any advice how to see I am actually doing it right?

Furthermore, a few more questions

## Default user, we can get away with a recipe to change this
d-i passwd/user-fullname string vagrant
d-i passwd/username string vagrant
d-i passwd/user-password password vagrant
d-i passwd/user-password-again password vagrant
d-i user-setup/encrypt-home boolean false
d-i user-setup/allow-password-weak boolean true

If I finish installing, is it okay to disable that account?
For distribution, it would be nice to name it vagrant, but if this is internal distribution, I can name it whatever I want, and Vagrant (I use that software) shouldn't complain right?



When you use commands such as vagrant ssh and vagrant provision with no additional parameters or config (not sure if that's configurable anywhere..) it will attempt to use an account 'vagrant' on the vm to do it's work. So to that extent, it will complain unless you tell it to use some other user. (Personally I've never tried doing so so YMMV)


Closing it here - when someone has a working Desktop definition I'll merge it in.

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