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gentoo templates are broken ATM (v0.3.6-35-ga06461f) #464

yarikoptic opened this Issue Jan 3, 2013 · 6 comments

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yoh@orphan:~/deb/perspect/veewee-boxes/nd$ vagrant basebox define gentoo-latest-x86_64-experimental gentoo-latest-x86_64-experimental
Error in the definition from file /home/yoh/deb/perspect/veewee-boxes/nd/definitions/gentoo-latest-x86_64-experimental/definition.rb
yoh@orphan:~/deb/perspect/veewee-boxes/nd$ vagrant basebox define gentoo-latest-i386-experimental gentoo-latest-i386-experimental
NameError reading definition from file /home/yoh/deb/perspect/veewee-boxes/nd/definitions/gentoo-latest-i386-experimental/definition.rb undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClass

there is no x86_64 any longer and DIGESTS for x86 do not provide md5 but only sha512 and whirlpool hashes (of the same length)


Seems as if the test for iso is failing in the gentoo-latest-i386-experimental, and the Jenkins build job you point to failed back on April 3rd and has not run since.


I just pushed this #690 and it's building fine for me. I would be glad to have your feedback ;)


I can confirm that the gentoo definitions no longer fail, now opendbsd seems to be the problem child, but thanks for this fix :)

mpapis commented Oct 4, 2014

closing as the issue is fixed, please let me know if there are still problems

@mpapis mpapis closed this Oct 4, 2014
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