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Use Debian packages rather than source, gems, etc. #469

ergonlogic opened this Issue Jan 7, 2013 · 5 comments

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Ruby gems, Puppet and Chef are currently installed directly (from source and gems) rather than using the Debian packages. This can cause failures due to inconsistent versions of Facter and the like.

Also, installing guest-additions from the ISO can be problematic, as per #459. It would be nice to default to the native guest-additions package (which is installed automatically anyway), and only override it with the ISO if specified in definition.rb or via a cli option.

I'm planning on making such modifications to custom definitions used to maintain 'Official' Vagrant baseboxes. Ideally though, these changes could happen in veewee directly, and save the extra steps.

Are you open to such OS-specific definitions, or is it a design goal to keep definitions as generic as possible?


@ergonlogic I follow your idea and support it. Managing and changing packages is easier to do things/update things.

We can list them as official templates so things don't change to much for people using/expecting the old templates.

gogo +1


@ergonlogic just a ping, I'm busy cleaning up the veewee definitions. How are the official ones coming along?


I've made some progress. I'll try to send a pull request today.


Also, I don't know how 'official' they'll be until we can get veewee installed from .debs. I haven't had time to pursue that either, so that's a bit further out.


Ref: #552

@ergonlogic ergonlogic closed this Feb 19, 2013
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