ubuntu 11.10, 12.04 and funtoo mods #308

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Update funtoo to use ruby 1.9.3
Have 12.04 use RVM
Have 11.10 use latest ruby and not install gems which is a bug since 1.9.x includes gems already


Thanks for your work on this, picked up some of your patches for myself.

I'd just want to chime in and say I'd not want RVM in the 'default' ubuntu-12.04-server-amd64 template. Not a problem for me as I create all my templates myself, but .. whatever Patrick thinks will be the answer ;-)


@beddari take a peak now. Moved RVM into its own template. Backed out the rvm changes to amd64 template.


Not my call but you might get more traction with a merge request per change, rather than one large one with many changes - its less work for Patrick to be opinionated then - some stuff he may not want whilst other stuff makes sense.


I think we should solve this more generic, like making scripts for rvm.sh , ruby.sh or so inside of each template instead of forking it.

I'll have a go for it in the next version. Thanks for already submitting the code. Closing this for now.

@jedi4ever jedi4ever closed this Sep 5, 2012
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