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We discovered evidence that it should be possible to configure Veewee via a "Veeweefile," but since we couldn't find any documentation on this particular feature (nor could we get it to work "out of the box"), we basically had to reverse-engineer it.

The Veeweefile appears to expect a format like this: do |config|
  config.veewee.<option> = <value>

Although the file above will get parsed without errors, we could not get Veewee to honor any of the options set within the Veeweefile. Veewee::Environment#initialize does not seem to read the Veeweefile on its own. Interestingly the call to env.load! in gives us what we want, but (for example) is missing the crucial call to venv.load!, which means you will just end up with the default options every time.

Rather than adding venv.load! all over the place, I decided to patch Veewee::Environment#initialize so that the Veeweefile options get merged in right from the beginning. I hope this was the right thing to do...


Closing this so I can resubmit it from the fork under the LivingSocial organization.


New pull request is here: #344

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