Fedora 18 and spelling error fixes #454

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  • Fix spelling error of "successfully"
  • Reduce required memory to 512 MB for Fedora 18. It no longer requires this much RAM.
  • Don't yum update kernel* packages, otherwise the freshly-built box will refuse to fully start up under Vagrant because the VirtualBox modules were built for the old kernel.
  • rubygem-{bunny,systemu} are now in Fedora so use those directly.
  • Updated to Fedora 18 Beta rather than Test Compose.
Julian C. Dunn added some commits Dec 3, 2012
Julian C. Dunn Tested reduction for memory footprint to 512MB. Updated for Fedora 18…
… Beta RC1.
Julian C. Dunn Fix spelling error: "succesfully" --> "successfully". aca6dc3
Julian C. Dunn Tested reduction for memory footprint to 512MB. Updated for Fedora 18…
… Beta RC1.
Julian C. Dunn Fix spelling error: "succesfully" --> "successfully". 3b7ffe8
Julian C. Dunn Merge branch 'fedora-18-fixes' of git://github.com/juliandunn/veewee …
…into fedora-18-fixes
Julian C. Dunn rubygem-{bunny,systemu} gems are in Fedora proper now
Switch to official download URL for the beta
Don't upgrade kernel using yum in postinstall.sh. Explain why.
Julian C. Dunn Revert double-postinstall.sh, doesn't seem to work.
rubygem-{bunny,systemu} are now in Fedora, so install directly.

Hi @juliandunn thanks for the update, I was wondering if the rubygem-{bunny,systemu} is specially necessary for puppet or chef?

If not, I suggest we leave them out as the point of the baseboxes is to go for a minimal install, later managed by a config mgmt tool.
But then again I'm not that familiar with puppet/chef installs on fedora.

Hi @jedi4ever, those are needed for Chef. I'm slowly packaging Chef's gems for Fedora and EPEL, and one day we'll be able to do "yum install chef" rather than using "gem". This is progress along that route.


gotcha. Ok merging now

@jedi4ever jedi4ever merged commit ea5015f into jedi4ever:master Dec 20, 2012
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