PyLucid glue plugin to include DjangoBB forum in PyLucid CMS
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PyLucid 'DjangoBB forum' glue Plugin

PyLucid glue plugin to include DjangoBB forum into PyLucid CMS.

We add some templates for DjangoBB to:

install instuctions

install DjangoBB forum

~$ mkdir pylucid_plugins
~$ cd pylucid_plugins
~/pylucid_plugins$ git clone git://
~/pylucid_plugins$ ln -s ~/pylucid_plugins/DjangoBB/djangobb_forum ~/PyLucid_env/src/pylucid/pylucid_project/external_plugins/

Instead of use the inofficial mirror of DjangoBB you can use:

install glue plugin

~/pylucid_plugins$ git clone git://
~/pylucid_plugins$ ln -s ~/pylucid_plugins/PyLucid-djangobb-plugin/djangobb_plugin ~/PyLucid_env/src/pylucid/pylucid_project/external_plugins/

install DjangoBB dependencies

~$ cd PyLucid_env
~/PyLucid_env$ source bin/activate
(PyLucid_env)~/PyLucid_env$ pip install -r ~/pylucid_plugins/PyLucid-djangobb-plugin/requirements.txt


prepare database

# create new database tables:
/var/www/YourSite$ ./ syncdb --all

# Do faked south migrations:
/var/www/YourSite$ ./ migrate --fake

# collect all static files as links
/var/www/YourSite$ ./ collectstatic

Important: restart your pylucid instance!

create PluginPage

To create a PluginPage use this:

  • PyLucid admin menu -> create content -> new plugin page

As the app select external_plugins.djangobb_plugin (Not the app ends with ..._forum!)

create forum

You have to go into django admin and create a category and a forum under:

  • Django admin site / Djangobb_Forum / Categories
  • Django admin site / Djangobb_Forum / Forums

Otherwise you will see a 'empty' DjangoBB ;)


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DjangoBB homepage
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