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This is the **old** v0.8 trunk from PyLucid. Current development under !!!
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PyLucid is a Open Source content management system (CMS) written in Python
using Django.

    This is the old v0.8 trunk. We recommend to use the new v0.9 branch!
    more info on

A web based install is implemented, so no shell account is needed! You only
need a standard webserver with Python (at least v2.4) CGI and one of the
supported database engines (MySQL, SQLite3, Postgre, Oracle and MS-SQL) to run

Nearly all output can be customized.

PyLucid/django are WSGI conform, so you can run it as CGI, fastCGI, mod_Python
and others...

More information can you find on our Homepage:

Install guides:

How to update a old PyLucid installation:

Any Questions? Start a new thread in our forum:

Bug tracker:

Sourceforge project homepage:

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