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Django App for the SSH Honeypot called 'kippo':

It's a simple django app thats access to the MySQL data of kippo. You can browse to them in the django admin panel.


Install some packages:

~$ sudo aptitude install python-virtualenv git-core
  • python-virtualenv: for creatting virtual environments
  • git-core: for install django-kippo as "editable"

Create a new virtual python environment:

~$ virtualenv django-kippo-env

Go into env and activate it:

~$ cd django-kippo-env
~/django-kippo-env$ source bin/activate

Install django-kippo as a editable package:

(django-kippo-env)~/django-kippo-env$ pip install -e git+git://

Install Python interface to MySQL:

(django-kippo-env)~/django-kippo-env$ pip install MySQL-python


There exists a test project for easy startup. Read: /django_kippo_test_project/README.creole for more information.


Under /cli_scripts/ are some older commandline scripts.


IRC #pylucid on
Python Packages
kippo homepage