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git filter to change committer date in version info file.

via git hook

with you can update a date in python files. copy the script to .git/hooks/pre-commit and make is executable.

The hook will only change files and the date in this format:

__version__ = (xx, yy, zz, 120726)

(where xx, yy, zz you own version numbers)

via .gitattributes filter

store a copy of into $PATH:

$ cd ~/bin # or e.g.: /user/local/bin
~/bin$ wget
~/bin$ chmod +x

add to git config:

$ git config --global filter.dater.smudge " smudge"
$ git config --global filter.dater.clean " clean"

add files, e.g:

$ echo 'commit_date="$Date$" # set by .gitattributes filter >
$ echo ' filter=dater' >> .gitattributes
$ git add .gitattributes

Note: the date exist only after you have deleted and checkout the file again, e.g.:

$ git commit -m "test .gitattributes filter"
$ cat # see old, unchanged content:
commit_date="$Date$" # set by .gitattributes filter
$ rm
$ git checkout
$ cat # now the date is inserted:
commit_date="$date:0725$" # set by .gitattributes filter


Note: Every guy which clone your git repro and doesn't have this filter installed, will get a clean date!

to check if it's callable just do call it without any parameter (You will the a error message), e.g.:


The script is callable if you get this error message:

Error: missing commandline parameters smudge or clean!

To test if the git commit date would be used do this:

$ cd /your/repo/
/your/repo/$ git log --pretty=format:%ci -1 HEAD
2012-07-25 11:41:47 +0200
/your/repo/$ echo '$date$' | smudge

to check if it's in git config, run this:

$ git config --list
... smudge clean


more info: